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Microsoft Azure development services

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Azure development solutions

Low-code application development: Utilize Azure’s low-code platforms, like Power Apps, to rapidly develop and deploy custom business applications with minimal coding.
Azure application development services for web and mobile: Build and deploy scalable, high-performance web and mobile applications using Azure App Service, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and other PaaS offerings.
API management and Integration: Create, publish, and manage APIs in a secure and scalable environment with Azure API Management, facilitating seamless integration between services and applications.
Data and analytics solutions: Leverage Azure’s data services, including Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB, and Azure Synapse Analytics, to build robust data storage, processing, and analytics solutions.
AI and Azure Machine Learning service: Implement AI and machine learning models with Azure AI and Azure Machine Learning, enhancing applications with intelligent features.
IoT solutions: Develop and deploy IoT applications using Azure IoT Hub, enabling real-time data collection, analysis, and actions from connected devices.

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Azure development services

  • Microsoft Azure development services

    Azure Development services include a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower businesses to innovate, scale, and achieve their digital transformation goals. Through a blend of expert consulting, cutting-edge technology, and best practices, our Azure development company enables organizations to harness the full potential of Microsoft Azure.

  • Our Azure development services

    In the digital age, adopting cloud technologies is imperative for businesses aiming to enhance their operational efficiency, scalability, and innovation. Our suite of Azure Development Services is tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises, from big data analytics and enterprise mobility to cloud migration and automation. Here’s a closer look at what we offer:

  • Azure for Big Data analytics

    Our Azure analytics services for Big Data empower organizations to transform massive volumes of data into valuable insights. By leveraging Azure’s advanced analytics capabilities, including Azure Synapse Analytics, HDInsight, and Databricks, businesses can process, analyze, and visualize data at scale. Our Azure Big Data services include real-time analytics, predictive modelling, and machine learning, helping clients make data-driven decisions that drive growth and efficiency.

  • Azure enterprise mobility

    In the mobile-first world, securing and managing corporate data across devices is crucial. Our Azure Enterprise Mobility services offer comprehensive solutions for mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) through Microsoft Endpoint Manager, including Intune and Azure Active Directory. These services provide robust security features, identity and access management, and seamless collaboration tools, enabling a productive and secure mobile workforce.

  • Cloud migration consulting

    Transitioning to the cloud can be complex and daunting. Our Cloud Migration Consulting services simplify this process, ensuring a smooth and secure migration to Azure. We offer an Azure cloud consultant and end-to-end support, from initial assessment and strategy formulation to execution and optimization. Our expertise includes migrating applications, databases, and entire infrastructures, minimizing downtime and aligning with best practices to maximize the benefits of cloud computing.

  • Azure hybrid cloud infrastructure

    Our Azure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure services enable businesses to create a seamless and flexible environment that combines on-premises data centres with the cloud. By leveraging Azure Stack, Azure Arc, and other hybrid technologies, we offer solutions that provide the agility and innovation of the cloud while maintaining data sovereignty and compliance. This approach allows for scalable computing and storage resources, disaster recovery, global reach, and consistent management and governance across environments. 

  • Azure cloud automation

    Maximizing efficiency and reducing manual overhead in cloud operations are key objectives of our Azure Cloud Automation services. Utilizing Azure Automation, Logic Apps, and PowerShell, we automate routine tasks, orchestrate complex workflows, and manage resources at scale. From infrastructure deployment to data backup and disaster recovery processes, our automation solutions increase operational efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure consistency across cloud environments.

  • Migration services

    Our Migration Services are tailored to ensure a seamless transition of your workloads to Azure, leveraging tools like Azure Migrate and third-party solutions. As an Azure cloud consulting company, we specialize in migrating various workloads, including applications, databases, and virtual machines, ensuring compatibility, performance, and security. Our holistic approach includes detailed planning, testing, and execution phases, coupled with post-migration support, to optimize your cloud environment.

  • Azure storage and disaster recovery

    Data is the lifeblood of any organization, and its protection is paramount. Our Azure Storage and Disaster Recovery services offer robust solutions for data storage, backup, and recovery. Leveraging Azure’s scalable storage options, such as Blob Storage, File Storage, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure Queue Service we ensure your data is secure, accessible, and protected against outages and disasters. Our solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements for data retention, compliance, and business continuity planning.

  • Azure application migration

    Modernizing your application landscape is crucial for achieving operational excellence and innovation. Our Azure Application Migration services focus on moving your existing applications to Azure, leveraging PaaS (Platform as a Service) and Containerization with AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) to enhance scalability, performance, and reliability. We ensure a smooth migration process, minimizing disruption and optimizing your applications to fully utilize Azure’s capabilities, including integration with Azure’s advanced services for analytics, AI, and IoT.

azure development company

Azure web application development

  • 01

    Microsoft Azure ecosystem

    Azure provides a comprehensive ecosystem for developing, deploying, and managing web applications with global reach, security, and scalability. Here are key aspects of our approach

  • 02

    Azure app service for web apps

    Deploy and manage powerful web applications using Azure App Service. Benefit from built-in infrastructure management, auto-scaling, and security features.

  • 03

    Container-based deployments

    Utilize Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Container Instances for containerized web applications, offering flexibility in deployment and scaling.

  • 04

    Global content delivery

    Enhance the performance and availability of your web applications with Azure CDN and Azure Front Door, ensuring fast content delivery worldwide.

  • 05

    Microservices architecture

    Adopt microservices architecture for your web applications using Azure Service Fabric and AKS, improving scalability and resilience.

Azure consulting services

  • Azure Cloud Strategic cloud consulting

    We help define your cloud strategy, assessing your current infrastructure, applications, and workflows to recommend the most effective path to cloud adoption.

  • azure architecture design Architecture design and review

    Our experts design scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud architectures. We also review existing architectures to optimize performance, security, and cost.

  • azure security Compliance and security

    Ensuring your Azure environment meets regulatory compliance and security standards is paramount. We offer guidance on implementing governance, risk management, and compliance strategies.

  • azure optimization Performance optimization

    We analyze your cloud deployments to identify optimization opportunities, ensuring efficient resource utilization and cost savings.

  • azure DevOps services Azure DevOps services and automation

    Advising on best practices for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), we help implement DevOps practices to streamline development, deployment, and operations.

  • Disaster azure recovery Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

    Our services include designing and implementing disaster recovery plans to ensure data protection and application availability.

How you benefit from Azure consulting

  • Azure consulting

    Engaging with Azure Consulting Services offers numerous advantages, enabling your organization to maximize the value of your Azure investment

  • Expert guidance

    Access to Azure-certified experts who provide knowledge and insights tailored to your business needs.

  • Risk mitigation

    Detailed planning and best practices reduce cloud adoption and migration risks.

  • Cost efficiency

    Expert optimization recommendations ensure you only pay for what you need, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

  • Innovation acceleration

    With the foundation and infrastructure set up by experts, your team can focus on innovation and creating value-added services.

  • Security and compliance

    Peace of mind knowing your cloud environment is secure and complies with industry regulations.

  • Enhanced agility

    Improved processes and automation increase your ability to respond to market changes and opportunities swiftly.

azure development solutions

Low code Azure application development

Azure’s low-code development platforms revolutionize how businesses approach application development, significantly reducing the complexity and time required to go from concept to deployment. Here’s how we leverage these capabilities:

Power apps for business applications: Utilize Microsoft Power Apps to build custom business applications with minimal coding. Power Apps’ drag-and-drop interface allows for rapid development of forms and workflows.

Streamlined data integration: Connect your applications to various data sources using Azure Data Factory and Power Automate, facilitating easy data integration and automation of workflows.

Rapid prototyping and deployment: Accelerate applications’ prototyping, testing, and deployment with Azure’s integrated development environment and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools.

Accessible development: Empower your business analysts and subject matter experts to develop applications, reducing the reliance on specialized development resources

Cloud-native Azure development

  • 01

    Microservices and containers

    Design applications as a collection of microservices running in containers managed by Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for greater modularity and scalability.

  • 02

    Serverless computing

    Implement event-driven architectures using Azure Functions for serverless computing, optimizing resource usage and cost.

  • 03

    DevOps and automation

    Integrate Azure DevOps for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), automating the build, test, and deployment pipeline.

  • 04

    Elastic scalability

    Automatically scale applications in response to demand with Azure’s scalable compute and database services, ensuring performance and cost-effectiveness.

  • 05

    Built-in security practices

    Adopt Azure’s built-in security features, including Azure Active Directory and Azure Key Vault, to build secure applications from the ground up.

Modernize legacy applications on Azure

  • 01

    Assessment and strategy

    Evaluate legacy applications to determine modernization pathways, whether through re-hosting, re-platforming, refactoring, or rebuilding.

    Assessment 1
    01 /04
  • 02

    Leveraging Azure PaaS and containers

    Use Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, and other PaaS offerings to modernize applications with minimal changes to code.

    Field service management
    02 /04
  • 03

    Incremental modernization

    Adopt an incremental approach to modernization, ensuring continuous delivery of business value without significant disruptions.

    step by step
    03 /04
  • 04

    Integration with Azure services

    Enhance modernized applications with Azure services such as Azure AI and Azure Database for MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server, enriching functionality and performance.

    04 /04

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What are Azure Development Services?

    Azure Development Services provide a comprehensive suite of tools and services that enable developers to build, deploy, and manage applications through Microsoft’s global network of data centers.

  • What types of applications can develop on Azure?

    Azure supports a wide range of application types, including web apps, mobile apps, cloud-native applications, and more. It offers various compute options to suit your needs, from virtual machines to serverless computing.

  • Does Azure support DevOps practices?

    Yes, Azure provides tools and services that integrate with DevOps practices, such as Azure DevOps and GitHub, to improve collaboration and streamline the development lifecycle.

  • What database services does Azure offer?

    Azure offers a wide array of fully managed relational, NoSQL, and in-memory databases, catering to all your data storage needs.

  • How does Azure ensure the security of applications?

    Azure provides a robust security framework that includes tools and services like Azure Security Center to help protect against threats and manage your security posture.

  • Can I use open-source technologies on Azure?

    Absolutely. Azure embraces open-source technologies and provides support for a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and databases that are open-source.

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