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    RemiPeople is a startup based in Adelaide, Australia. The product is a web-based SaaS Recruitment Automation Platform for improving hiring processes. It streamlines CV screening, eliminates conscious and unconscious bias related to age, gender, ethnicity, etc., thus making the top candidate selection as objective as possible.


    Traditional recruitment processes are often time-consuming and have flaws. They include interviewers’ biases, absence of standard assessment criteria, necessity to enter candidates’ data manually in the system, lengthy and complicated screening procedures, especially if many people apply for a position. License-based Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) require considerable investment and are not affordable for small businesses. The Blackthorn Vision team had to create a non-committal, pay-as-you-go solution that would cost-effectively address all the recruiting pain points.


    Recruiters spend a lot of time reviewing nonessential information in a CV. In contrast, RemiPeople offers a customizable online assessment tool that selects a set of skills necessary for a particular position. Moreover, it helps to discard applicants who are not genuinely interested. The solution provides comprehensive information on the vacancy to anonymous candidates on the initial stage questionnaire. Thus, they can see if it’s a good match for them and withdraw from the hiring process if it’s not. The answers are scored and ranked to shortlist candidates for the next stage.

    The second stage is an aptitude test – the questions focus on what the candidate would do in a real-life work scenario. Then it followed with structured interviewing, which is twice as effective as the traditional. The software helps design interview questions and ideal answers and a scoring system to rank the candidate quickly and easily.

    All the scores are automatically added to the leader board visualizing the candidates’ performance at all stages, which makes the hiring decision completely objective.


    1. Scalability

    Suitable for hiring any number of specialists per month

    2. Flexibility

    Applicable to a wide range of job roles, from bank teller to CEO, irrespective of the industry

    3. Objective scoring

    The ‘chunking’ scoring method allows comparing and rating each candidate’s response against each other.

    4. Reporting Functionality

    You can see the talent pool demographics for each role – age, race, gender, etc.








    React js


    Azure SQL

    Power BI

    Business value

    The software automates repetitive manual tasks, such as interview scheduling, candidate tracking, and communication. The amount of work for the hiring team is considerably reduced. Time economy means a lower hiring budget. The product is not only cost-effective; it works to achieve the ultimate hiring goal – eliminate assessment errors and find the best candidate for a vacant position. RemiPeople is designed with diversity as a priority. It is achieved thanks to anonymized candidate screening, comparative scoring, structured interviewing, interviewer independence to avoid Groupthink.

    This approach, approved by Ferntree Gully Toyota, City Mazda, National Capital Motors, also boosts candidates’ satisfaction – they know they will not be judged based on their gender, religion, race, etc. It directly impacts the company’s reputation.


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