Software Development Services

Software Development Services
Product development
Main focus Full-cycle product development from vision to completionAugmenting client's in-house team with dedicated resources 
Minimal; mainly providing vision and feedback on deliverables Hands-on; full control over team management and decision-making 
Flexibility Adapts to evolving requirements and unclear project scope Scalability in team size and flexibility in skill set adjustments
Dynamic allocation based on project needs Exclusive allocation of dedicated resources
Agile, supporting iterative and phased development Client-driven, aligns with the client's preferred methodologies 
Risk mitigation Managed by development team with shared decision-making Shared between client and team, with joint responsibility for success
Project control Blackthorn Vision defines strategy, team composition, and oversees the development process Client maintains complete control and directly manages the team with the added benefit of our manager ensuring the team's efficiency and performance. 
Pricing options Hourly or Monthly rate according to our rate card, reflecting the allocation and composition of the team. Hourly or Monthly rate according to our rate card, reflecting the allocation and composition of the team. 
Outcome Efficient progress and delivery of a complete productEnhanced in-house capabilities and efficient project oversight 

More about our services

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    How it works

    • Initial discussion

      We arrange face-to-face or online meetings to gather all requirements and related information about your project from top to bottom. We clarify and confirm the budget and timeframes you have set for us. This helps us ensure we’re on the same page about expectations from our partnership.

    • Analysis & consultancy

      Project requirements vary greatly from one company to another, so it’s vital that we take our time to analyze your specific needs before moving forward with any type of implementation. One way to do this is by conducting a discovery phase, which helps develop a clear vision for the future solution architecture, user interface, and project scope. If you already know how everything should work, we move on to discussing implementation options.

    • Project methodology

      We choose the delivery model and implementation methodology based on the project needs and customer preference. In most cases, we suggest using Agile, Waterfall, or a hybrid model. However, we can change our approach if the client prefers another methodology. We make sure all team members understand their roles and responsibilities on the project and coordinate their efforts to increase productivity.

    • Proposal

      Once we understand the specific problem you’re trying to solve, we can identify which of our services can address that issue. The project proposal contains suggested product scope, a best-fit engagement model, a timeline and key milestones for delivering the project, and our recommendations on technologies and optimal team composition.

    • Contract signoff

      The contract signoff marks the formal start of the project. After the signoff, we assign relevant experts from our talent pool and compose a team. A Project Manager takes over the internal processes and ensures the project is carried out according to plan. We keep you in the loop on project progress and status to eliminate potential risks before they arise.

    Why Blackthorn Vision

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      Dedication to client’s success

      At BV, you’ll find a partner who cares about your success as much as you do. Our team becomes an extension of yours, working tirelessly to bring your vision to life. We don’t just write code – we think ahead, help to move faster, and prevent complications. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy with the final results of their projects. That’s why our customer satisfaction score reaches 95% with an average engagement of 5+ years.

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      We’ve been building up tech expertise since 2009. By following industry standards, we help businesses get the most out of software development services. Although we’ve earned the Microsoft Partnership, our expertise goes far beyond the Microsoft stack and covers diverse cutting-edge technologies. So, when you work with us, you can be confident that you are working with some of the best minds in the industry and natural problem-solvers. Our drive to share and multiply knowledge guides everything we do and lets us deliver top-notch solutions.

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      Our rigorous hiring process adheres to extremely high recruitment standards without any compromises. We evaluate dozens of engineers to fill senior positions, while many talented junior developers come from our Academy program with a 5% acceptance rate. Most of our engineers major or double major in math and computer science, and our management team has in-depth industry knowledge and experience. The pursuit of excellence earned us a reputation as a reliable employer that keeps retention at 87%, with 1/5 of employees engaged for 7+ years.

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      Strong corporate

      We are passionate about what we do and take pride in our work. Our corporate culture is built around open communication, creative thinking, and collaboration. Day by day we maintain a thriving environment where everyone can openly share concerns, give regular updates, and exchange constructive feedback. As Ukrainians, we share a European mindset and sync with our clients’ values at all times.

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    Client success stories

    What our clients say


    • Berkeley Lights

      VP of Softwar


      “Blackthorn Vision has been involved from the beginning. They’ve done almost all the software development on this product. Their professionalism distinguishes them. Blackthorn Vision’s teammates are good listeners and good workers.” 

    • ANC

      Chief technology officer


      “They work to help develop our company instead of only being a third-party service provider. As a result, they've become a part of our company, which is very cool. Blackthorn Vision has shown that they're willing to go beyond the call of duty to do their job.” 

    • Sensia

      Digital Architect, Web-Based IoT Platform


      “The quality of the work and engagement has been so good. They go beyond simply executing a task, story or test and are genuinely interested in understanding what the end user wants/needs.”  


      Director of Technical Recruitment & AMD Team


      “One of the most impressive facts about Blackthorn is that they are very sustainable and stable partner. Good communication, good dedication for their job, and taking a lot of responsibility on their project.” 

    • Selux Diagnostics

      Senior Program Manager


      “Blackthorn resources are embedded in our team and serve as an extension to our workforce. And during the inevitable crunch periods Blackthorn was able to rapidly increase our access to a skilled resource pool on a temporary basis to meet important milestones.”

    • Base Body

      General Manager


      "The range of skillsets in this company with the various employees, attention to detail and professionalism is impressive. To every problem was a good solution."

    • Balanced Flow

      Vice President


      “This company clearly is dedicated to customer satisfaction. They volunteered improved approaches and modifications to requirements we never would have thought of. Their initiatives made the product much better. Their professionalism exceeded our expectations.”

    • BrightArch

      Chief technology officer


      “They’re reliable and deliver what they promise. Building an attractive work environment allows them to hire great developers. They’ve had a lot of great suggestions from the start.”

    • Townhill Software

      Head of Product


      “The most impressive thing about Blackthorn Vision was the dedication of the team to deliver on assigned milestones without clear indications. Although I possessed significant knowledge about the topic, I was mistaken about how much more there is to learn.” 

    • CostDraw

      Director of project Services


      “They’re technically very competent. They know exactly what they’re doing. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Blackthorn Vision.”

    • SiTime Corporation

      Director of Customer Engineering


      “Blackthorn Vision LLC had a very professional demeanor and drove all tasks to completion. They did what they said they would do and did it on time like clockwork.”

    • RemiPeople

      Chief Executive Officer


      “In addition to their technical skill, the team is responsive and have been a real partner throughout the process.”


      Chief Executive Officer


      “I appreciate their loyalty. Blackthorn was always trying to resolve my problems. They did what I was expecting them to do; they’re great implementers.”


      Chief Executive Officer


      “I appreciate their loyalty. Blackthorn was always trying to resolve my problems. They did what I was expecting them to do; they’re great implementers.”

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