Solutions for cattle breeding and herd health management

Solutions for cattle breeding and herd health management
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    The client is an industry leader in reproductive technologies and the most rapidly growing company in this market. The company offers genetic solutions for dairy and meat farmers that boost animal immunity, lower disease, considerably improve the breeding process, and maximize profitability.


    The company outlined the needs and ambitious biotechnology goals which would create value for their clients and their pain points. The team created innovative software solutions that covered the requirements and eliminated business blockers:

    • Selection of traits with high heritability to decrease disease rate in dairy animals
    • Development of a novel approach to sire selection with a personalized formula that fits unique customer specification
    • Mating control
    • Monitoring herd performance based on on-farm data, synchronized nightly from farm management or milking parlor software
    • Devising a convenient method to collect genetic samples and access results easily, e.g., female genomic information
    • Devising a convenient method to collect genetic samples and access results easily, e.g., female genomic information


    To reach the goals outlined above, we designed four desktop solutions and a mobile app, which make genetic herd management convenient, effective and cost-efficient.

    A desktop application for making genetic decisions

    The software is used for evaluation and genetic sire selection.

    Key features:

    • Personalized formula based on the unique economic parameters of each dairy farm
    • Segmentation of the herd into groups and identification of key traits for each
    • Refinement of the selection index
    • Easy-to-navigate list of bulls, assessed against individual breeding goals
    • High precision in genetics enables confident purchasing decisions and accurate calculation of ROI.

    Genetic progress forecasts

    This intuitive software allows farmers to control mating.

    Key features:

    • Integration with the first solution for breeding strategies
    • Instant visualization of data and reports that are easy to interpret
    • Mating is performed based either on TPI or LPI system

    Monitoring herd performance

    This advisory system provides clients with an analysis of dairy operations

    Key features:

    • Tracking progress with over 40 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Analysis of on-farm data compared to business goals
    • Insightful reports that simplify decision-making

    Refining the breeding process

    The software provides access to vital female genomic data.

    Key features:

    • Automatic genetic selection
    • A fast genomic test to identify the best females
    • A strategy of controlling genetic progress
    • Vital immunity results
    • Correction of parentage errors
    • Optimization of genetic gain
    • All genetic information on the herd efficiently organized
    • No mistakes and accelerated decision-making process.

    Mobile app:

    • Easy organizing and submitting genetic samples with mobile phone
    • Test results instantly available in a convenient app







    ASP. NET Core

    Entity Framework

    MS SQL



    Reactive UI

    Business value

    The four products perfectly complement each other. They enable inexpensive and hassle-free genetic herd management, with sophisticated scientific analytics made easy. The applications are used in almost 90 countries and have a truly global influence, giving access to information crucial to the future of dairying worldwide. What farmers can do:

    • Collect and process large amounts of genetic data
    • Get easy to understand reports
    • Analyze individual genetic information and rank animals
    • Plan herd productivity
    • Boost herd immunity
    • Obtain predictable mating results

    The software suite greatly simplifies making business decisions and breeding control for maximum growth and profitability.

    This is a suite of practical solutions for farmers that widens the gap between those simply selling genetics, and those offering the technological advancements needed on today’s farms.


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