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What we offer

Blackthorn Vision provides the full scope of cloud development and cloud migration services. We help companies choose the right technology and platform, select cloud deployment type, and guide them through every stage of their cloud journey. Our cloud developers design and build scalable cloud infrastructure, ensuring smooth deployment and integration of cloud applications.

Our team implements cloud strategies that drive business efficiency and growth based on Azure, AWS, and Google cloud services. We have vast experience in crafting single-tenant, multi-tenant, single-region, and multi-region cloud applications across industries. And if you prefer the Microsoft ecosystem, you’ll benefit from our in-depth expertise in Azure tools backed by numerous successful projects.

Our cloud development services & expertise

  • Development of cloud-native applications

    Our team designs a cloud application architecture that fulfills the demands of your organization while reducing your costs. To guarantee that all of your company’s most important needs are satisfied, we execute an in-depth review of your existing IT infrastructure before beginning the development process.

  • SaaS development

    We develop highly integrated cloud-based apps with flexible front-end functionality and user interfaces. They are safe, handle large volumes of data, and set up seamlessly. Our team handles all stages of SaaS development: design, programming, testing, and cloud deployment & maintenance.

  • Enterprise application development

    We design and build apps that integrate with Azure Active Directory and other services, allowing for SSO and app management with already-established methods. Our cloud developers specialize in building single and multi-tenant apps that run smoothly across several cloud infrastructures.

  • Cloud optimization

    We evaluate your current cloud environment and point out any stumbling blocks, inefficient processes, or underutilized assets that increase your cloud expenses. Our cloud experts outline a scalable cloud optimization strategy based on your business needs so that you can improve your resource utilization and amplify operational efficiency while reducing costs.

  • Migration to the cloud

    Our cloud developers will transfer your legacy system to the cloud and choose the right cloud migration strategy for your IT requirements. We ensure your app takes full advantage of cloud computing by making it cloud-enabled, shifting to a cloud-native architecture, or using app containerization.

  • Application re-architecting

    Our team helps you migrate applications from monolithic to microservices architecture and expose their business logic via APIs. This makes your app’s codebase more maintainable, reduce dependencies, and let you easily add new features. We back you up in your scaling process and minimize disruption to your business.

  • Cloud security

    We implement tools and processes to protect your data, applications, and cloud infrastructure. Our team mitigates security risks by providing visibility into activity in the cloud, protecting data at rest and in transit, and establishing effective incident response strategies.


What you get with cloud development

  • High availability

    Keep your systems up and running even during maintenance and unexpected outages. With DevOps and SRE practices, we achieve zero downtime for mission-critical projects and ensure your application remains operational and accessible at all times.

  • Significant cost reduction

    Cloud saves you plenty of money on systems and facilities since you only pay for what is really used. We choose cloud solutions with your budget in mind and offer the most cost-effective options that address your needs.

  • Faster development

    With cloud deployment, you move faster throughout SDLC and boost your feedback cycle. Using predefined templates, CI/CD automation, and programmatic provisioning, we handle numerous cloud environments and tangibly reduce app’s time-to-market.

  • Scalability

    Your application handles a sudden increase in traffic without crashing when deployed in the cloud. The cloud quickly spins up new servers to take on the extra load, making it ideal for businesses that experience unpredictable spikes in traffic.

  • Improved security & governance

    Clouds offer a comprehensive suite of services for application safeguarding, making it easy to manage user permissions and data access. These include end-to-end encryption, firewalls, network protection, policies, and other built-in solutions.

  • Advanced monitoring

    Keep tabs on your software health and performance around the clock. You can identify potential issues early on, prevent them from becoming serious problems, and improve the overall app performance with advanced alert features.


Our approach

We always start our work with a discovery phase to examine all business requirements. It’s crucial to clarify the associated application constraints such as service level agreement (SLA), budget, response time, development time, and ease of maintenance. This helps us select the best possible application design.

Next, we choose a suitable type of architecture – microservice-based, serverless, or monolith. Our team determines authentication and authorization methods, keeping current industry standards in mind. We either select a specific cloud provider or take a cloud-agnostic stack. After that, our experts decide whether your solution requires containerization.

Certifications & awards

  • Azure Data Scientist

  • MS Azure Solution Architects

  • MS Azure DevOps

  • MS Azure Developer Associates

  • Oracle Development

  • Oracle SQL Development

  • Golang Development

  • Microsoft SQL Server Development

  • SQL Server Development

  • MSSQL Development

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Our experts will guide you through the cloud migration process and leverage cloud technologies to enhance your software.

Daryna Chorna

Customer success manager

Why Blackthorn Vision

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    Dedication to client’s success

    At BV, you’ll find a partner who cares about your success as much as you do. Our team becomes an extension of yours, working tirelessly to bring your vision to life. We don’t just write code – we think ahead, help to move faster, and prevent complications. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy with the final results of their projects. That’s why our customer satisfaction score reaches 95% with an average engagement of 5+ years.

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    We’ve been building up tech expertise since 2009. By following industry standards, we help businesses get the most out of software development services. Although we’ve earned the Microsoft Partnership, our expertise goes far beyond the Microsoft stack and covers diverse cutting-edge technologies. So, when you work with us, you can be confident that you are working with some of the best minds in the industry and natural problem-solvers. Our drive to share and multiply knowledge guides everything we do and lets us deliver top-notch solutions.

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    Our rigorous hiring process adheres to extremely high recruitment standards without any compromises. We evaluate dozens of engineers to fill senior positions, while many talented junior developers come from our Academy program with a 5% acceptance rate. Most of our engineers major or double major in math and computer science, and our management team has in-depth industry knowledge and experience. The pursuit of excellence earned us a reputation as a reliable employer that keeps retention at 87%, with 1/5 of employees engaged for 7+ years.

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    Strong corporate

    We are passionate about what we do and take pride in our work. Our corporate culture is built around open communication, creative thinking, and collaboration. Day by day we maintain a thriving environment where everyone can openly share concerns, give regular updates, and exchange constructive feedback. As Ukrainians, we share a European mindset and sync with our clients’ values at all times.

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    Daryna Chorna

    Customer success manager