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Blackthorn Vision is a web development company with experience in developing custom web applications tailored for maximum efficiency, performance, scalability, security, and compatibility with existing systems. We combine tech competence, agile project management, creativity, and engineering know-how to deliver potent web solutions. Our engineers possess the perfect blend of expertise in Microsoft tech stack and cross-industry background to turn your ideas into tangible commercial outcomes.

Since 2009, we have successfully delivered 70+ long-term projects. Our full-cycle web development services include web app development from scratch, application modernization, cloud development, desktop-to-web migration, API integrations, and more. We work closely with you throughout the whole process – from concept through design to delivery – ensuring the product reflects your vision and meets all requirements. Our dedicated development team takes care of all the technical details to help you automate processes, optimize resources, and become leaders in your niche.

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Our web development services

  • Custom software development

    We provide a full suite of custom web development services that cover product discovery, UX/UI design, architecture, coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance. By using the latest front-end and back-end technologies, we create feature-rich web applications with custom business logic that fits your unique processes. Our dedicated development team tailors each solution with attention to detail and client needs, amplifying the product’s value and streamlining its time-to-market.

  • Front-end development

    Our front-end developers help you create a well-rounded interface that provides maximum usability and engagement. To ensure flawless user experience, we employ responsive design, performance optimization, quality assurance, and best practices in web app development. Our engineers work closely with your in-house team, adding skills and experience to the project, helping you keep it on track and meet the set goals.

  • Back-end development

    Our experienced team of back-end developers specializes in creating secure platforms that integrate seamlessly with powerful server technologies. We build reliable back-end infrastructure on the cloud and/or on premises, ensuring fast loading and scalability in line with your traffic demands. We quickly ramp up your project, providing additional expertise in back-end development and suggesting improvements where needed.

  • Legacy application modernization

    We help you improve your overall system performance, security, and compliance while reducing the complexity and spending on current IT infrastructure. Our team reviews all components within the environment before starting our implementation or cloud migration activities. Then we identify how to leverage existing assets to create new functionality that meets user requirements and aligns with industry standards. As a final step, we revamp your interface look and feel, simplifying user flows and enhancing user satisfaction.

  • API development & integration

    API integration helps you reach the maximum potential of your web app development. Blackthorn Vision handles integration with APIs of recognized providers, like Stripe and SendGrid, as well as domestic ones. We work with both public and private networks, integrating accounting and POS systems, payment gateways, support tickets, ERP/CRM services, and more. Our dedicated team also helps you create your own APIs to be used by third parties, eliminating compatibility issues.

  • Cloud development

    Our cloud development services offer a wide array of solutions for businesses looking to optimize their IT operations and reduce costs. We have extensive experience working with Azure Cloud, AWS, and Google Cloud services. Our team of cloud developers will assist you with everything from migrating existing applications or workloads to the cloud, developing custom web applications on top of preconfigured platforms, creating cloud infrastructure from scratch, to troubleshooting any issues related to scalability or performance.

  • DevOps services

    Our DevOps services help you deliver software faster, better and more reliably. By powering your web development project with expertise right from the start, our DevOps engineers help you cut unnecessary expenses and simplify the data flow. We utilize a comprehensive set of DevOps tools that enable teams to collaborate effectively while developing, testing, and deploying web applications. From infrastructure automation and continuous integration, performance monitoring and boosting feedback loops, to ensuring zero downtime – we have the skillset necessary for any project.

  • Database engineering

    We upgrade your existing database setup and tailor custom architecture around your requirements, developing backup strategies and security considerations for optimal performance. Our team helps you securely migrate data between systems, minimizing downtime during transition periods. This includes moving from one platform to another, migrating data across networks, transforming legacy formats into modern industry standards, performance tuning, and troubleshooting.

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Benefits of our web development services

  • Responsive design

    Since mobile users comprise over 60% of internet usage worldwide, having a responsive web app is crucial for success. Our team takes responsiveness into account at every step of the process, ensuring both desktop and mobile versions look amazing without sacrificing any functionality across devices.

  • Usability

    Our experienced UX/UI designers craft foolproof interfaces that are easy to navigate and understand for users with any level of technical proficiency. We apply best design practices to eliminate user frustration and boost satisfaction across all touchpoints.

  • Security & reliability

    Each web app development project undergoes security testing, so rest assured knowing nothing will escape unnoticed before going live. We store all sensitive information, like API keys, on company-controlled server, making it inaccessible for users. Plus, we choose hosting plans that guarantee 99% uptime reliability and implement CI/CD pipelines for zero downtime.

  • Customization

    We create web applications that are easy to personalize and modify, giving you more options to bring your ideas to life within budget. You can customize features, functions, and interfaces to provide users with tailored experiences that meet their exact needs.

  • Easy maintenance

    Our dedicated development team delivers web applications that are easy and cost-effective to maintain. The centralized architecture allows faster updates and fixes, so you can deploy changes across all users’ devices or for selected user groups with minimum effort.

  • Flexibility & scalability

    Web application development with Blackthorn Vision gives you enhanced scalability options and a competitive edge in adapting to changing market conditions. Our team ensures your web app is easy to scale or extend with new functionality, providing a future-proof solution if you outgrow your existing system.

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Daryna Chorna

Customer success manager

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Our approach

Blackthorn Vision uses a holistic security approach to protect your operational integrity. We ensure uncompromised security across all potential entry points, including hardware, software, networks, and people. Within this approach, all components are integrated into one system that is both intricate and interrelated. We back up our cybersecurity strategy with solutions like AAD, Identity Server, and OAuth.

We develop all types of web applications: SPA, PWA, and MPA. Depending on your requirements, we kick off a product discovery phase or pick up your project at any development stage. Our engineers use styled components to quickly build modern web apps and take a mobile-first, adaptive, or desktop-only approach when needed. We align all technical decisions with your goals and user needs, ensuring you get maximum value out of each feature developed by our dedicated development team.

Certifications & awards

  • Azure Solution Architect

  • Azure Developers

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    Azure Administrator

  • Azure Data Scientist

    Azure Data Scientist

  • MCSD – App Builder

    MCSD – App Builder

  • Oracle Development

    Oracle Development

  • Oracle SQL Development

    Oracle SQL Development

  • Golang Development

    Golang Development

  • Microsoft SQL Server Development

    Microsoft SQL Server Development

  • SQL Server Development

  • MSSQL Development

    MSSQL Development

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Why Blackthorn Vision

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    Dedication to client’s success

    At BV, you’ll find a partner who cares about your success as much as you do. Our team becomes an extension of yours, working tirelessly to bring your vision to life. We don’t just write code – we think ahead, help to move faster, and prevent complications. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy with the final results of their projects. That’s why our customer satisfaction score reaches 95% with an average engagement of 5+ years.

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    We’ve been building up tech expertise since 2009. By following industry standards, we help businesses get the most out of software development services. Although we’ve earned the Microsoft Partnership, our expertise goes far beyond the Microsoft stack and covers diverse cutting-edge technologies. So, when you work with us, you can be confident that you are working with some of the best minds in the industry and natural problem-solvers. Our drive to share and multiply knowledge guides everything we do and lets us deliver top-notch solutions.

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    Our rigorous hiring process adheres to extremely high recruitment standards without any compromises. We evaluate dozens of engineers to fill senior positions, while many talented junior developers come from our Academy program with a 5% acceptance rate. Most of our engineers major or double major in math and computer science, and our management team has in-depth industry knowledge and experience. The pursuit of excellence earned us a reputation as a reliable employer that keeps retention at 87%, with 1/5 of employees engaged for 7+ years.

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    Strong corporate

    We are passionate about what we do and take pride in our work. Our corporate culture is built around open communication, creative thinking, and collaboration. Day by day we maintain a thriving environment where everyone can openly share concerns, give regular updates, and exchange constructive feedback. As Ukrainians, we share a European mindset and sync with our clients’ values at all times.

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    Customer success manager