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    Calxa is a leading provider of budgeting and cash flow forecasting software for small businesses and non-profits throughout Australia and New Zealand. It saves time, is easy to use, and delivers professional reports in a fraction of the time compared to spreadsheets. Companies can reduce their reporting burden by automating processes and workflows with the help of Calxa products.


    The team faced several challenges:

    • Building sophisticated data structures and algorithms to process big data to make fast and qualified calculations
    • Complex business logic shared between Desktop and Cloud products
    • Long living data contracts in Desktop to Cloud communications
    • Sophisticated amount calculation and reporting engines
    • Following SOLID analysis Component Oriented Analysis in all aspects of development to make reusable code components
    • The necessity to learn many new technologies
    Budgeting and forecasting software


    Calxa software technically is a few products joined in one solution. The structure:

    • Calxa Desktop Application presentation
    • Calxa desktop Application server
    • Calxa Cloud
    • Authentication Server
    • Desk Application Services
    • The necessity to learn many new technologies
    • Federation Services for CRM system integration
    • Federation Services for CRM
    • Client Company data persistence database (horizontal (sharding), vertical and functional scale) system integration
    • Report calculation servers
    • Accounting systems integration servers
    • Licensing server
    • Web application server (Web UI frontend and backend)
    • Other


    1. Shortcuts

    The user can apply shortcuts to multiple lines, whole budgets, or individual fields and watch the totals automatically update.

    2. Multiple budget versions

    Unlike spreadsheets, numerous budget versions are easy to manage – copy from one version to another and report on any version, compare approved budgets to current forecasts each month.

    3. Report templates

    Possibility to select from over 40 report templates. Easy to interpret reports for non-accountants.

    4. Forecast Cashflow and Balance sheet

    Comparison of budgets to actual and report on KPIs.

    5. File management

    Storing data locally with SQL Server or online with Microsoft Azure.

    6. Automated updates

    Software Updates are available every 6-8 weeks and are easy to download.

    7. Project Budgeting

    Simplified budgets for programs and projects. Easy maintenance of monthly budgets by department project or manager.

    8. Budget factory

    Next year’s budgets for dozens of projects created in just a couple of minutes, with the possibility to make bulk updates.

    9. Account trees

    Possibility to re-arrange and group accounts to produce the needed reports without complex spreadsheets. Minimum time for Management reports and grant acquittals.

    10. Integrations

    Calxa works with popular accounting systems such as MYOB AcoountRight, MYOB Essentials, Xero, and QuickBooks Online. Possibility to link once and then schedule updates monthly, weekly or daily, depending on needs.

    11. Scheduled report delivery

    Possibility to schedule report delivery at the time and frequency of choice: select reports from the library, batch them, and automate their delivery.

    Our solution helped Client to be the leader in non-profit reporting – they have cooperated with 1031 organizations. Charity is integral part of Calxa corporate values, and we are proud to be their technology partner.







    ASP.NET Web Forms



    Windows Server



    Code First



    Entity Framework



    React js


    Business value

    The solution we have created for our client makes reporting much more manageable, more accurate, and professional-looking. Neatly presented information allows obtaining valuable insights and simplifies decision-making. The applications are easy to use thanks to wizards, pre-made templates, and workflows that automate the reporting process. The cashflow forecast feature helps to make a business strategy.

    Businesses use Calxa to deliver management reports to their Owners, CEOs, Franchisors, and Bank Managers.

    Non-Profits do detailed program budgets to acquit grants, keep CEOs informed, and deliver complex board reports each month.

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