High impact solutions, proven results

We develop software that makes a difference and brings real business value to our clients.

Driven by a passion for excellence and commitment to client success, we use our tech expertise to exceed client expectations. With cases ranging from consumer-facing mobile apps to enterprise-scale systems, each solution in our portfolio helps companies grow and maximize their business potential. Whether we build ideas from the ground up or scale engineering teams, we always go that extra mile to ensure you get the most out of your software investment.

High impact solutions,
                            proven results

What our clients say

Expertise to power up your business


Application modernization

  • End-to-end software assessment

  • Legacy application modernization

  • Migration from desktop to web

  • Cloud migration & optimization

  • Software re-engineering & re-architecting

  • UI/UX redesign

  • Custom API integration


Cloud development

  • Cloud-native development

  • SaaS app development

  • Enterprise application development

  • Cloud optimization

  • Migration to the cloud

  • Cloud security

  • DevOps pipeline implementation


UI/UX design

  • UX research & product discovery

  • Web application design

  • IOS and Android app design

  • Native Windows and Mac app design

  • Design management

  • Usability consulting

  • Legacy application redesign


ML & AI development

  • AI strategy development

  • Data analysis and exploration

  • Machine learning development

  • AI development

  • Integration with existing systems

  • MLOps consulting

  • Data pipeline building


Web development

  • Custom software development

  • Front-end development

  • Back-end development

  • API development & integration

  • Database engineering

  • Cloud-native development

  • Software audit & solution consulting


Mobile development

  • Cross-platform app development

  • Native iOS development

  • Native Android development

  • Unity development

  • Back-end mobile development

  • Mobile app modernization

  • Mobile app design & UI/UX revamp


Quality assurance

  • Quality assurance management

  • Quality control & testing

  • Test automation

  • QA strategy development

  • Manual testing

  • Setting up effective QA processes

  • Upgrading existing QA processes


Desktop development

  • Product discovery

  • Full-cycle desktop app development

  • Custom plugins and utilities development

  • API development & integrations

  • Legacy app modernization

  • .NET and WPF development

  • Software audit & solution consulting

Our core services

Dedicated development team

Dedicated development team

Benefit from a cross-functional tech team that adds expertise and fills technical gaps in your project. Design and implement new features, test them, and make changes as you go based on user feedback. Dedicated teams give you the flexibility and speed needed to keep up with changing market needs and deliver a product users will love.

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Product development

Product development

Stick to the plan and get the job done on time. Set expectations upfront with a guaranteed delivery date and know exactly what to expect from start to launch. We provide a clear scope of work according to your pre-defined requirements and feature set, estimating possible risks that might slow down the process.

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Industry-specific experience

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by each sector, we know how to create solutions that address them effectively. Our expertise lets us quickly identify problem areas, streamline development processes, and create applications that integrate seamlessly with existing operations and systems. This extensive body of knowledge gives us a unique perspective when developing new products or modernizing existing ones.



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Travel and hospitality

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Human resources

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Sports & Entertainment

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Information technology & services

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Computer software

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