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What we offer

Get the most out of agile methodologies, boost your CI/CD pipelines, and speed up time-to-market with our QA team. We believe that software quality should be baked from the start and align our testing activities with high-level project objectives and SDLC. Our project managers, business analysts, designers, developers, and QA engineers all play a part in this process by creating accurate product specifications, building the right architecture, performing code reviews, and applying DevOps practices.

We handle full-cycle quality assurance services and help organizations adopt test automation to increase the pace of development. Our QA team chooses the best-fit testing methods based on your product’s requirements and business needs. We either configure testing processes from scratch or optimize your existing testing framework, combining manual and automated testing activities to achieve the best results. With us, you will maximize your product’s value and ensure its successful launch and user satisfaction.

Benefits of our QA services

  • Reduce project costs

    We identify and catch issues at the early stages of SDLC, improving code quality and eliminating chances of costly re-engineering.

  • Improve app security

    We ensure the app complies with security standards accepted in your industry and offers uncompromised data protection for all users.

  • Minimize risks

    We test how your application responds to different workloads, devices, and architectural setups to prevent unexpected breakdowns and downtime.

  • Accelerate time-to-market

    We take an iterative approach and test software alongside development to get your product up and running faster and introduce new features before the competition.

  • Elevate user satisfaction

    Our rigorous QA checks ensure users have access to a reliable app that works properly without errors or bugs, reducing troubleshooting time and user frustration.

Our quality asssurance services

  • End-to-end QA and QC

    Our QA team establishes efficient quality assurance processes and takes care of every testing activity needed for frictionless software development. We set up automation testing and verification, categorize test data and documentation, introduce new testing solutions and update the existing tool set, and configure new testing processes from scratch.

  • Manual testing

    Manual testing lets us find vulnerabilities that cannot be detected automatically. Compared to automated testing, manual tests handle complex usage scenarios better. To ensure your software provides smooth user experience, our manual testers carefully examine its performance on various devices. With our skills and expertise, you will craft a well-polished product that satisfies your end-user needs and solves important business tasks.

  • Test automation

    Test automation reduces the time needed to perform tests, increases test coverage, and enhances the overall efficiency of the testing process. Our QA team applies automated testing for functional and non-functional parts of software. Following proven automation practices to integrate continuous testing in your CI/CD pipeline, we boost the release cycle and further improve the quality of software.

  • QA strategy & planning

    We help you modernize your current testing processes, speed up SDLC, and set up a testing strategy from scratch. After analyzing your existing software and requirements, we propose testing activities and technologies that work for you. As a result, you get a 360-degree overview of your testing needs and a QA strategy aligned with your project goals and development team efforts.

  • Performance testing

    To guarantee that your software is reliable, fast-performing, and scalable, Blackthorn Vision puts it through performance testing. We employ JMeter,, and other load and performance testing tools, analyze data, and associate the results with relevant metrics and the overall purpose of your product. Our QA team leverages performance testing for all types of software, including SaaS and enterprise systems, APIs, and mobile apps.

quality assurance

What we do

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What you can test with us

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    For your web-based software, we use various testing technologies – both manual and automated. Our team runs end-to-end software testing across multiple platforms and browsers to ensure its interoperability and flawless user experience.

    Quality Assurance (QA)
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    Our committed team of testers detects bugs that can disrupt user experience of your mobile app. We offer full mobile test coverage and perform cross-browser application testing for native, hybrid, and mobile web apps.

    Quality Assurance (QA)
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    Before deploying a desktop application, Blackthorn Visions checks its performance, security, usability, and stability. We take special care to test both the installation and uninstallation of the software.

    Quality Assurance (QA)
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    Based on your needs, Blackthorn Vision applies a range of strategies and API testing tools that provide fast and efficient results. While your app is still in development, we already start API testing to make sure it will handle the load after release.

    Software Testing Services
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Our quality assurance process

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    Pick effective testing strategy

    First, we study your project requirements. Then we define the objectives of the software testing and pick the most suitable strategy for testing.

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    List testing activities

    Next, our team lists a set of actions that must be taken to guarantee the highest level of quality for a finished product. Our team creates or updates actions for testing based on the current situation of your project.

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    Decide on suitable tools

    Once our experts have an action plan, they pick manual (Jira, TestRail) or automated tools (Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Mocha) for smooth implementation.

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    Perform testing activities

    The testing begins on the unit level and is planned by developers. After that, the quality assurance team creates tests, writes checklists and conducts tests at both the API and UI levels.

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    Present test results

    Our QA specialists create a comprehensive and easy-to-understand quality assurance report that includes a clear description of the problem and guidelines for preventing it in the future.

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Make your software market-ready

Learn how we can ensure your product quality and make users happy with our QC and QA expertise.

Daryna Chorna

Customer success manager

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Why Blackthorn Vision

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    Dedication to client’s success

    At BV, you’ll find a partner who cares about your success as much as you do. Our team becomes an extension of yours, working tirelessly to bring your vision to life. We don’t just write code – we think ahead, help to move faster, and prevent complications. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy with the final results of their projects. That’s why our customer satisfaction score reaches 95% with an average engagement of 5+ years.

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    We’ve been building up tech expertise since 2009. By following industry standards, we help businesses get the most out of software development services. Although we’ve earned the Microsoft Partnership, our expertise goes far beyond the Microsoft stack and covers diverse cutting-edge technologies. So, when you work with us, you can be confident that you are working with some of the best minds in the industry and natural problem-solvers. Our drive to share and multiply knowledge guides everything we do and lets us deliver top-notch solutions.

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    Our rigorous hiring process adheres to extremely high recruitment standards without any compromises. We evaluate dozens of engineers to fill senior positions, while many talented junior developers come from our Academy program with a 5% acceptance rate. Most of our engineers major or double major in math and computer science, and our management team has in-depth industry knowledge and experience. The pursuit of excellence earned us a reputation as a reliable employer that keeps retention at 87%, with 1/5 of employees engaged for 7+ years.

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    Strong corporate

    We are passionate about what we do and take pride in our work. Our corporate culture is built around open communication, creative thinking, and collaboration. Day by day we maintain a thriving environment where everyone can openly share concerns, give regular updates, and exchange constructive feedback. As Ukrainians, we share a European mindset and sync with our clients’ values at all times.

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