AI-based automation platform

AI-based automation platform
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    Our client provides an AI-based collaborative platform that helps SRE teams respond to production incidents using a breakthrough approach. With this product, they can adopt SRE methodologies and reduce toil while getting a unified view of incidents, services, and knowledge base.  


    We started working with the client in 2018 when he was the CТO of another company. Our cooperation was based on a dedicated team model that effectively powered up his in-house team and stayed flexible along the SDLC. As a result, we helped him launch an identity management platform that became an industry leader in identity security. This company remains our active customer to this day.   

    When the client came up with a new startup idea in 2021, he was sure that Blackthorn Vision could provide outstanding service and technical consulting. The product aimed to streamline Site Reliability and DevOps operations with no-code and low-code solutions powered by AI and ML algorithms. With a number of similar platforms in the cloud automation niche, the product needed to stand out.   

    The dedicated team had to take a step further toward automation and implement a text-to-code feature. At the same time, the solution had to be customizable enough that we could create a modern UI. Since our dedicated developers had vast experience in cloud development, they suggested an elegant solution that delivered unique business value to SRE teams.   


    As it did initially, unSkript provides a consistent way to work with multiple services through runbooks and actions, written manually or created with the help of an AI assistant, and stored in the library. However, during the development process, the product has significantly evolved and improved.  

    Now, the processes run notably faster, and the amount of required human intervention is lower, incredibly facilitating the work of DevOps specialists. Besides, there are now more options for troubleshooting and remediation. The system owes this to the integration of an AI-based assistant and automated health checks. 

    Newly added, these automated health checks for applications and API services allow for creating suits to check the overall system’s operability. They also serve in defining problems, resolving them and preventing their repetition in future. The trigger-solution process is fully automated — AI-recommended troubleshooting quickly performs the action required by a specific trigger. Once configured by a DevOps specialist, it is later executed automatically without human intervention or control. In case a ready-made solution does not exist, the AI assistant will recommend creating one from scratch. 

    Slack is integrated to facilitate and speed-up communication among specialists.


    Since the client had a clear product vision and had already decided on functionality, our dedicated team quickly ramped up the project. First, the UX/UI designer researched available solutions and defined user flows. Once we’d had it done, we tailored the visual part of the platform with interactive prototypes, later used in usability testing by the client’s team.  

    Our dedicated development team works closely with the client’s in-house team, which is responsible for QA and user testing.  


    • Automated health checks of applications and API services
    • Automated incident response
    • Event-driven workflows
    • Configurable user onboarding
    • Scheduled long-running jobs
    • Automated approval flows
    • Action database management







    Cloud Formation


    Circle CI





    Business value

    By leveraging advanced AI assistance, unSkript significantly reduces the time and effort required for problem defining and troubleshooting. An automated software solution enables users to identify technology problems as soon as they emerge and build the solutions.  

    The technology operations team receives all the data needed to show why and where the issue originates and suggests the most appropriate fix. Moreover, with every new case, the system educates itself to eliminate the number of possible future troubles. The chances of human error are eliminated by AI-driven approach, offering smart suggestions, identifying potential issues, and ensuring adherence to predefined standards and guidelines. 

    Whether it’s a small startup or a large enterprise, unSkript scales effortlessly to meet the needs of a specific organization. Identifying and resolving technology problems quickly and reducing the downtime suffered by customers is important for companies of all sizes, but vital for startups. As businesses evolve, unSkript adapts, providing a flexible platform that can accommodate changing requirements and increasing volumes of tasks.  

    Automation of the repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows helps to significantly reduce operational costs associated with human interference and DevOps involvement, which result in tangible cost savings over time. 

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