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    2+ years

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    Before estimating someone’s health condition, making a diagnosis, and giving advice, the system must consider many factors, such as genetics, lifestyle, age, etc., as well as real-time health measurements from wearable devices. The challenge was to build a product with integrated Artificial Intelligence to process a large amount of data, make valuable recommendations, set fitness and well-being goals, and guide the user into achieving them.

    The complexity was also about creating a cross-platform app with support for legacy browsers, with smooth animation, a smooth user experience, and insightful data visualization at the same time.


    We designed an application that is a One-Stop-Shop for all health-tracking needs. In the Profile, the user must manually enter health parameters, for instance, personal, hereditary, and genetic information. Also, data is automatically collected and analyzed from wearable devices. 

    Among other indicators, the app monitors the user’s sleep patterns for optimal wake-up time, plans a diet and exercise routine, makes a preliminary diagnosis, alerts the user if some health metrics are critical, and recommends consulting a doctor. All the information is conveniently visualized on the Smart Dashboard, and the user can see different correlations thanks to AI and ML.

    This user may choose to connect with a local medical professional through the app for online counseling.


    • Cybersecurity and data protection as a priority. All medical data is encrypted, and the access is audited.
    • Connection to devices collecting health information (e.g., a smart scale or an Apple Watch)
    • Document Vault. The user can store and retrieve health-related documents, generate health reports on demand.
    • Medical Encyclopedia and a Symptom Checker for a preliminary diagnosis.
    • Personalization. Nutrition guidelines, workout regimes, news, and alerts are unique to every user.
    • Accountability. Users may turn reminders and notifications to help themselves stay committed to their goals.
    • Motivation. Direct access to the community forum in the app for extra encouragement and inspiration.
    • Support. Users can also share and read personal stories to feel relieved about health issues.








    .NET Core Web API

    SQL database


    Business value

    Unlike many other products on the market that focus on one aspect of a healthy lifestyle, the application offers a well-rounded approach, based on the latest scientific data. The solution employs AI and Machine Learning’s power to create a personalized health routine for the user and adjust it continuously, depending on the achievement progress. The solution we built for our client is highly functional and beats the competition with its superb user experience, customized fun activities for user engagement, a holistic approach to health counseling, and compatibility with wearable devices. It focuses on physical and mental health and increases the user’s chances of noticing potentially dangerous conditions in time.

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