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    Our client from Santa Clara, California specializes in creating programmable solutions, such as microchips, with a rich feature set. SiTime creates parts for devices that have a number of advantages over competitors: higher performance, smaller size, lower power, and better reliability. Our project focused on developing a cross reference tool that helps the company get more customers by offering them better equivalents compared to other manufacturers.


    The biggest challenge was to create a solution that enables our clients to configure reference parameters on their own. The goal was to design software that would not only eliminate manual referencing but would also allow our client to customize multiple search parameters, such as part’s frequency, stability, temperature, supply voltage, package size, etc.


    We’ve developed software that immediately suggests the closest SiTime’s equivalent based upon the entered competitive part number.

    The user adds a part number to Oscillator Cross Reference and the tool maps it to a SiTime Part Number by matching product attributes which are encoded into the part number. Product attributes may include package, power supply voltage, output type, temperature range, frequency stability, parts-per million (ppm), pin 1 function, output frequency (MHz), family..

    Oscillator Cross Reference may offer multiple matches. What’s more, SiTime may show all equivalents or only match the best option. Administrators can define search priorities and set rules to offer particular details. For example, if a specific part size is set as a priority, then all the details that don’t meet this requirement will not appear in search results

    Oscillator Cross Reference’s administrator can modify prioritized parameters anytime. Some of the most important of them are the following:

    • Frequency (MHz)
    • Frequency Stability (PPM)
    • Temperature Range (C)
    • Output Drive Strength
    • Supply Voltage (V)
    • Package Size (mm)
    • Feature Pin
    • Pull Range (PPM)
    • Device Address
    • Packaging

    Search customization may be set for more than 10 parameters simultaneously, based on their importance.

    Sometimes, users are not even aware of the parameters that are critical for them. Let’s assume a user needs parts for an automobile device and they don’t know that the automotive industry emphasizes the importance of temperature range. In this case, a search prioritization set can help them avoid troubles. If the administrator defines temperature range as a priority parameter, the cross-reference tool will show SiTime’s parts with the most appropriate temperature range first. In other words, Oscillator Cross Reference may offer inexact but better matches.

    In addition to a one-at-a-time mode, users can benefit from bulk search. It allows them to find equivalents for long lists of products. One can add a spreadsheet or CSV file to the Oscillator Cross Reference tool and get a spreadsheet or CSV with added column matches and notes/exceptions.

    To provide our client with maximum freedom, we gave SiTime the ability to add more vendors without the assistance of IT engineers


    • Bulk cross-reference search
    • Search customization and prioritization
    • Inexact but better match
    • Seamless database and rule set maintenance

    Business value

    Oftentimes businesses keep information about competitors’ equivalents on a spreadsheet on somebody’s computer. Hence, to find the right product equivalent, customers must turn to the company’s sales representatives. It requires some time and effort, which pushes potential clients away. But this situation can be avoided with the help of our solution.

    The Oscillator Cross Reference tool allows users to easily find SiTime’s functionally equivalent products online based on another manufacturer’s part number. This way, the company can attract more clients who go for a quick and seamless search. In the long run, SiTime is expected to increase its market share and boost its revenues from sales.

    Before we implemented this tool, the cross-reference process was very manual. Now, it will save hundreds of manhours of time per year and make life easier for our channel partners


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