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    The application was designed to optimize dental practice workflows. It offers a step-by-step diagnostics methodology based on 3D images of teeth and develops a thorough treatment plan.

    The software analyzes the examination data and diagnostic photographs and matches them with the appropriate treatment planning step. Thus, the dentist is guided through the whole process.

    The product automates the routine part of giving treatment to a large number of patients. No errors or omissions are possible as all data is stored and organized in the system. It also enhances communication with laboratory technicians, schedules appointments, and educates patients on their treatment course

    Facing the challenges of working with legacy code, the team succeeded in transforming an outdated desktop application into a competitive web product for the dental industry.


    Project goal

    The goal was to upgrade the original desktop software, extend its functionality to meet the market needs, and make it more competitive.

    The resulting product had to be cloud-based, mobile-optimized, compatible with all modern browser versions, compliant with HIPAA requirements for data encryption, role-based users, and security firewalls. It was also crucial to preserve the simplicity of the initial system while complementing it with a series of improvements in line with the latest UX trends.

    Scope of work

    The mission was to create a web-based application and an Admin panel that integrate the original product functionality. The Administration panel was necessary to grant various roles access for security purposes

    The client selected a dedicated team as a cooperation model. It gave fast access to technical expertise to start project implementation as soon as possible – without the hassle and overhead expenses of opening an IT department or lengthy recruitment of technical specialists. Besides, a dedicated team allowed an all-inclusive approach to software development, with all aspects covered, e.g., investigation and planning during a Discovery phase, and project management. This model made possible a very swift response to the client’s requests and changes to the initial plan.






    Business Value

    This complex solution addresses the main issues that impede dentists’ work: a large amount of hard to organize data.

    The software is designed for efficient patient/case management. It automatically collects and arranges all information on patient history so that it is effortless to track, sort/filter, and correct if necessary.

    Checklists and various photo manipulation options (zooming, adding special marks, resizing, etc.) allow conducting a more careful examination in compliance with modern dental standards.

    The clinician is guided through all the exam procedure stages and receives a document summarizing the detected problems. The diagnosis is based on aggregated data and complaints obtained from the patient.

    It is an excellent tool for optimization and partial automation of dental clinic operations, boosting clinicians’ productivity.

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