Business intelligence software for the hospitality industry

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    The unTill® Software Development Group Ltd. has more than twenty years of experience designing automation-focused software for hospitality providers – hotels, restaurants, leisure venues, etc. The company creates dynamic and flexible products for the ever-changing industry. The solutions cover all aspects of the business, from ordering to kitchen operations and loyalty management. They also integrate with many third-party apps, like payment systems.


    A restaurant, especially a chain, produces a lot of decentralized data that needs meticulous organization and analysis to be the basis for strategic decisions. The team had a complex task to create a fast and smooth web application that would make data management a few-clicks experience and translate numbers into business insights.


    Now, unTill® Web Management brings all restaurant data from all locations directly to a browser for online access. The software allows comprehensive data management, from updating prices and menu items to generating custom reports and exporting data. The product is cloud-based, which improves the security and makes the installation simple: the dealer can create a fully configured WM machine with all tools installed just in few clicks and within a few minutes. WM supports all windows versions starting from Windows XP and ending with the latest Windows 10. It supports installation on host machines in the end-user’s networks or can be hosted in Azure / Amazon Cloud solutions.

    Business intelligence software for the hospitality industry


    • Improved performance thanks to DBs structure optimization and adding indexes into DBs tables; UI layout simplification and reducing number of items displayed on UI simultaneously.
    • XAML-based UI – possibility to change the application look and adjust the screen resolution to OS.
    • JSON-based web service – created to provide already formed and calculated totals to mobile applications.
    • Clean and simple API, compatible with any mobile platform with minimum data modification, ensures the same look and feel on every platform.
    • Report variety: a massive number of different reports to represent the business data from one or several restaurants and from various time ranges.
    • Custom reports: users can create custom reports in millions of combinations according to their needs.
    • Dynamic sets: users can create customized sets of various reports, displayed on the screen as a dynamic presentation, with data displayed and updated at selected time intervals.
    • Convenient work with article prices: users can change prices and modify VAT for as many articles as necessary together.
    • Email notifications: the possibility to email reports with the most crucial business data to the stakeholders with an individual schedule.
    • Smart validation: the system checks the required fields in the process of creating elements and provides some valuable tips for the user.
    • Scheduling automatic price changes or menu updates to take place at defined locations and time slots.
    • Multilingual: each language is stored on the server host machine in an XML file with a straightforward structure and the possibility to edit or copy manually if needed.
    Business intelligence software for the hospitality industry



    ASP.NET Core




    HTML 5


    Entity Framework

    SQL / SQL Server Azure

    Jenkins Boot







    Business value

    unTill Web management delivers data automation that makes business administration much more efficient. It takes little time and effort to make adjustments and plan further steps with a clear data view, which frees time for other essential activities.

    The software painlessly integrates with numerous third-party interfaces and makes unnecessary any save IT-related expenses.

    The product is used in more than 13 countries and distributed by over 40 dealers


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