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Dedicated team model

What is a Dedicated Team?

Dedicated team is a service by Blackthorn Vision providing client with highly skilled cross functional team. With this service customer is responsible for product backlog management and ensuring workload for the team assigned to the project. Everything else is driven and ensured by Blackthorn Vision team and our Project Manager.

The dedicated team model has a very simple and transparent pricing system: there are monthly payments that depend on the team size. The invoices are based on assigned team monthly rates.

you need a Dedicated Team when:

Your in-company team needs a rapid expansion or additional technical expertise
Your in-company team needs a rapid expansion or additional technical expertise
You don't have an in-house IT team
You want to outsource product development
You want to outsource product development
You want to achieve transparent project budget planning
You need a software development partner with a proven and adaptable business model
You need a software development partner with a proven and adaptable business model
You want to share your corporate standards and values

Dedicated team model


We analyze your needs taking into account the constraints you have, and then provide you with recommendations on the team configuration.


We identify available in-company candidates or find them in the local IT market and arrange an interview with you.

Team set up

We set up a team, implement onboarding activities, and conduct knowledge sharing and kickoff meetings.

Team management

We help you keep people motivated and committed, measure the team’s performance, provide quality control, and advise on process improvement.

Core benefits

Service scalability

If you want to scale up your team at a later stage, we will expand your talent pool with the required specialists - software developers, UI/UX designers, DevOps engineers, etc. Also, we can provide consulting and make a step-by-step recruitment plan to support the predictable growth of your project.

Staffing process

Blackthorn Vision takes full responsibility for team allocation and staffing process. We ensure all needed screening activities and background checks to make sure all team members follow our Code of Conduct. Our Competence Managers interview all candidates to ensure only the most highly skilled specialists are assigned to work on your product.

Project management

Blackthorn Vision assigns a Project Manager to every team to ensure top quality of service delivery. PM from our side monitors team performance and project progress daily, takes care of sprints planning and capacity management, acts as the primary contact point for the client in case of any issues.

Project operations

Our experienced managers make sure the development process is smooth and effective, and there are no communication gaps with the client or conflicts inside the team. We control all operational procedures, such as staffing, onboarding/offboarding, invoicing, reporting, soft and hard skills training, team members certification, etc., so that client can be focused on the product development tasks.

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Why Blackthorn Vision

Partner, not a vendor

Partner, not a vendor

Blackthorn Vision has been a reliable partner for its customers for 10+ years already. Most of our customers engage in long-term cooperation rather than one-time projects. The average customer account lifecycle with us is 5+ years.
Proven track record

Proven track record

We have successfully delivered over 70 projects, and based on regular survey data, we estimate the level of customer satisfaction to be at 95%. We also share open-minded company culture and get along quickly with customer teams all across the world.
Customer centered services

Customer centered services

Blackthorn Vision offers a set of services supported by flexible engagement models tailored to our customer's business needs in mind. One of our strengths is our capability to act as a one-stop-shop for customers, support them on any SDLC stage, and drive it from the beginning until a successful product launch.
Top tech talent

Top tech talent

Our HQ is located in Lviv, a city proud to have the best trained and highly skilled tech talent in Ukraine. This is due to the 3 top universities in Ukraine providing degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Whenever we need a team extension to meet customer's project needs, we close vacancies faster than in other locations in Ukraine.


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