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Blackthorn Vision helps healthcare companies address industry challenges with innovative healthcare IT solutions. We provide healthcare software development services focused on automating business processes and providing data insights. Our medical software increases patient satisfaction, reduces costs, streamlines workflows, and enhances clinical outcomes.

We are more than a team extension – we are your technical partner. Our software development experts are up to any challenge in architecture planning and design, application development across all platforms, software modernization, and system integrations. We leverage proven methodologies to mitigate risks at every project stage and guarantee top-quality delivery within your deadlines.

Our expertise in healthcare software development

Healthcare solutions for doctors

Custom healthcare software development

Every business case is unique – and so are healthcare IT solutions we create. Our custom software development services cover full-cycle development of web, desktop, and mobile applications for healthcare. Whether you need to develop medical software from scratch, build an MVP, or scale an existing medical app, we’ll walk you through every step to a successful market launch.

Healthcare software modernization

We offer healthcare software modernization and re-engineering to help you get the most out of your legacy system. Our team audits your medical software to identify problems and potential improvements and realign it with current industry standards. With our assistance, you’ll take advantage of new features and capabilities through cloud migration, performance and security upgrades, multiple integrations, and interface redesign.

Medical biotechnology
Healthcare solutions for doctors

AI and Machine Learning development for healthcare

We implement AI and ML algorithms that recognize data patterns and develop predictions for accurate diagnostics, personalized treatment, and chronic disease management. Our experts assist you with every phase of the machine learning development for healthcare, from data mining and setting up reliable infrastructure to tailoring and training ML models that improve patient care and clinical decision-making.

Third-party software integrations

Our team sets up seamless integrations with third-party systems and APIs, including LIMS/LIS software, patient portals, EHR/EMR systems, databases, and more. We establish secure data flow and efficient data processing pipelines, ensuring privacy protection in line with HIPAA software compliance. We also integrate medical software with data gathered from lab equipment, medical devices, and more.

Industry specifics
Healthcare solutions for doctors

Technical consulting

Armed with experience in medical software development, our experts choose the right healthcare IT solution paired with an implementation roadmap and timeline. We analyze your business case and propose a blend of technologies that solve stakeholder problems and help you achieve your business goals.

Healthcare software solutions we create

Web development

Reference and diagnostic support systems

Web development

Medical practice management systems

Web development

Software for hospital management

Web development

Patient profile management software

Web development

Health monitoring and analysis solutions

Web development

AI-powered data analysis solutions

Web development

Fitness and wellness solutions

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