Industry specifics

What we offer

Our software development services are designed to help biotechnology companies streamline their operations and drive productivity. We provide IT solutions that address the challenges of the biotech industry: data collection and analysis, risk assessment, human error, monitoring, and process optimization. Our team implements powerful biotech solutions that solve complex problems and unlock new possibilities for growth through automation and predictive analytics.

Blackthorn Vision brings together experienced software engineers, UX/UI designers, QA experts, and project managers who form effective software development teams. We will guide you from the discovery phase to the product launch, speeding up time to market and ensuring accuracy and data integrity throughout all stages of software development. Additionally, our experts help with application modernization and integrate data from APIs, third-party services, and devices.

Areas of expertise

Healthcare solutions for doctors

Custom biotech software development

We provide a full range of software development services to help biotech and pharma companies create new products, streamline R&D systems, and automate processes. Our experts develop customized web, mobile, and desktop apps tailored to stakeholders and end-users needs. We handle everything from integrating data and devices to creating algorithms for data analytics, crafting easy-to-use interfaces, and testing biotech solutions.

Application modernization for biotech

Our engineers update your legacy software and virtual networks with a modern tech stack, helping you stay competitive while boosting the efficiency of your biotech projects. Armed with careful planning and proven methodologies, we eliminate disruption to your business and take all necessary security measures to protect data. We help you get the most out of cloud migration, software reengineering, interface redesign, user flow optimization, and adopting new technologies like AI and machine learning.

Medical biotechnology
Healthcare solutions for doctors

AI and ML development for biotech

We help you access predictive analytics insights and techniques to make data-driven decisions in drug discovery, genetic analysis, disease diagnostics, and other fields of the biotechnology industry. Our engineers develop AI and ML algorithms, analyze data sets, train AI/ML models and keep their accuracy at peak performance. Using cloud technologies, we build robust data infrastructure and automate the entire process to ensure you get the most accurate information fast.

Third-party software & data integrations

Our team helps unlock the maximum potential of your biotech software by integrating it with external applications. We build software architecture that allows integration with internal and third-party APIs, including LIS/ LIMS software, clinical trial management software, pharmaceutical software, and more. Our developers fetch data from various devices and laboratory equipment, building data processing pipelines that meet your security requirements.

Industry specifics
Healthcare solutions for doctors

Tech consulting for biotech companies

If you need a hand with choosing the right service or solution, our team will assist you through this process. We study your case, propose the best-fit technologies that take you closer to your business goals, and use proven approaches and frameworks in building software architecture. Whether you’re looking for legacy software modernization or just kicked off your biotech software development project, we know how to accelerate your development speed & quality and take full advantage of your technology investment.

Healthcare software solutions we create

Biotech solutions

Sample management software

Biotech solutions

Genetic selection and analysis software

Biotech solutions

Data analysis and visualization software

Biotech solutions

Laboratory information system (LIS)

Biotech solutions

Laboratory information management system (LIMS)

Biotech solutions

AI and ML algorithms for biotechnology industry

Biotech solutions

Predictive analytics software

Biotech solutions

Pharmaceuticals software

Biotech solutions

Cattle management software

Biotech solutions

Clinical trial management system

Biotech solutions

Software for agricultural biotechnology

Biotech solutions

Quality control and incident management solutions

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What you get from our biotech software development services

Ease of use

We build biotech software using best practices in UI/UX design to ensure 100% user satisfaction. Our designers craft accessible user interfaces and simplify complex user flows so that users can quickly and easily perform their tasks.

Enterprise-scale product

Our engineers are well-versed in developing solutions that help biotech companies efficiently manage their workflows and data. We customize each product to meet your scope and needs, making sure your software is easy to maintain and update after the launch.

Quality assurance

Our biotech software development services include comprehensive quality assurance and testing . By following biotech industry standards, we ensure that your product meets all safety, reliability, performance, and usability requirements.


Our approach to system design and architecture lets you scale up without worrying about outgrowing existing infrastructure, investing additional funds every time you need extra computing power, or compromising performance.

On-premises or cloud deployment

We develop flexible biotech software that can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud depending on your needs. You have full control over where your data is stored and who can access it. Our cloud developers help you with cloud migration and CI/CD setup if needed.

Data security

We prioritize security at every stage of the SDLC so that your data remains safe from both external and internal threats. Our engineers implement data encryption, secure data storage, data authentication, role-based access, and other regulatory compliance requirements for biotechnology industry.

Our approach to biotech software development


Requirements analysis and development process planning.


Design, coding, and testing of software components that meet your business needs.


Database design, optimization, and migration to the most suitable platform for biotechnology software.


Integration with existing bio tech solutions or third-party software as required by your project scope.


User experience (UX) design aimed at improving user satisfaction and productivity.


Optimization of performance parameters specific to biotech software.