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What we offer

At Blackthorn Vision, our goal is to boost your operational efficiency at each stage of oil & gas production and help you reach a competitive edge. We create upstream, midstream, and downstream solutions tailored to your individual business needs and with scalability in mind. Our team is well-versed in crafting business process automation software from scratch and modernizing legacy applications of any level of complexity.

We take a proactive approach to oil and gas software development, using Agile methodologies and DevOps strategies that let us rapidly deliver high-quality solutions. Our teams are comprised of seasoned software engineers with deep domain knowledge – from process automation solutions to data analysis tools – who understand the technical requirements necessary for success within the oil & gas sector.

Areas of expertise

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Custom software development

Our team is highly experienced in developing oil and gas solutions tailored specifically for oil & gas production. We create enterprise systems capable of handling large amounts of data, optimize operations through automation, and embody complex business logic into an intuitive user experience on web and mobile platforms, including Android & iOS devices . Our dedicated development team will pick up your project at any stage and quickly ramp up the development speed to help you meet the planned delivery date.

Application modernization for oil & gas

We help oil and gas companies modernize their IT infrastructure and take advantage of all the benefits of digitalization and production optimization. Our background in desktop and web technologies lets us understand the unique challenges of updating or replacing legacy systems. Over the years, we mastered our expertise in cloud migration, desktop to web migration, architecture redesign, and continuous delivery. Our team follows effective migration and implementation strategies, ensuring data security and zero disruption of your ongoing operations.

Application modernization for oil & gas
Oil and gas software redesign

Oil and gas software redesign

We will help you leverage your existing software investment and stay ahead of the competition with up-to-date software for oil and gas. Our expertise lets us quickly recognize system gaps, plan and execute the redesign process. We bring together skilled UX/UI designers, developers, system architects, DevOps and QA engineers who find elegant solutions to user problems and streamline complicated processes. Armed with best practices and agile methodologies, we eliminate user frustration and ensure your system is easy to navigate, pleasant to use, and intuitive for users.

Performance optimization

Our team is highly knowledgeable on both conventional and modern approaches to guarantee a comprehensive review of your oil and gas software from system architecture to user interface. We identify potential issues or inefficiencies that slow down performance and offer best-fit solution for your case and business needs. From analyzing data trends, developing custom models, and deploying cutting-edge technologies – we remain focused on helping you achieve faster performance so that even the most challenging tasks become effortless.

Performance optimization
Software development consulting

Software development consulting

We provide expert guidance to our customers in the oil and gas sector. Our services range from helping you decide which system architecture suits you best during the product discovery phase to project implementation and maintenance. From concept design till completion, our approach involves close collaboration between stakeholders and our technical team. We cover every aspect, from mapping out workflows and processes, architectural design, and database migration to integrating the software with your existing systems.

Oil & gas solutions we create

oil and gas solutions

Oil and gas production software

oil and gas solutions

Business process automation software

oil and gas solutions

Oil & gas production optimization solutions

oil and gas solutions

Production reporting software

oil and gas solutions

Pipeline performance tracking systems

oil and gas solutions

Field service management software

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What you get from our oil and gas software development solutions

Increased efficiency

Automating processes like data entry and analysis with business process automation software helps you streamline workflows and minimize exposure to human error.

Better decision making

Access to real-time data provides more insight into oil & gas production trends, helping you make more accurate and effective decisions about operations.

Improved safety

24/7 monitoring helps you eliminate the risks associated with operating in a dangerous environment and respond to potential issues before they become problems.

Painless maintenance

Using oil and gas software with the latest technology stack helps reduce the hassle associated with maintenance, support, and future upgrades.

Greater scalability

Software with scalable architecture helps you meet changing market needs and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Interoperability across systems

Modern oil and gas solutions enable seamless integration with other systems, providing a unified view of data across multiple applications.

Our approach to oil and gas software development


Our engineering process begins with an initial analysis and discovery phase, where we work closely with your product owner to identify your specific requirements.


We utilize agile methodologies throughout the project lifecycle so that all tasks have defined priority and ample opportunity for feedback every step of the way.


Our designers analyze oil and gas solutions, build and optimize user flows, and craft high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes of the user interface.


We engage talented engineers to plan and implement your oil and gas software architecture from scratch or redesign an existing one.


By combining coding and testing activities, we ensure your oil and gas production software meets its intended purpose.


We deploy the application in a production environment for final testing and validation, identifying any potential bugs or issues before going live with the final product.