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Industry specifics

Industry specifics

The oil and gas market is one of the biggest in the world. The toughest challenge for the companies in this domain today is the increase in operating costs with the simultaneous fall of global prices. Rigid business models are no longer working. Digitalization is what creates flexibility and scalability to stay competitive and make a profit. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation are just a few technologies that sustain and transform business processes, make the workplace safer, and maximize revenues. The complexity of the oil and gas industry requires nonstandard solutions.

Custom approach

Custom approach

Blackthorn Vision is a trusted outsourcing partner for key market players in the oil and gas industry and has almost a decade of relevant experience. We design world-class exploration and production (E&P) software for maximizing process efficiency and risk management.

There are various applications to streamline each stage of the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors - from exploration to gas station distribution. Each company has its work specifics and niche. We offer custom software development, adjusted to the established workflow, to make it easier for each enterprise to fulfill business goals.

Custom approach

Expertise and Services

Blackthorn Vision has highly skilled software engineers to start implementing your project right away. In addition, years of experience let us eliminate problems associated with complex software development projects in the oil and gas industry, such as budget overruns and delivery delays.

We provide 360° services to our clients:

Web development

IT Consulting

Mobile app development

Upgrading applications

UI/UX design

Code and database optimization

UI/UX design

Software training and maintenance

Cloud-based development

Data Strategy and Analytics

Cybersecurity & compliance

Web solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Desktop applications

Big data analytics

SaaS products

SaaS development

Mobile apps

SaaS development

Quality Assurance

SaaS development

UI/UX design

SaaS development


Types of software

  • Geophysical modeling software
  • 3D visualization & simulation systems
  • Geophysical modeling software
  • Field service management applications
  • ERP systems
  • Integrated accounting modules
  • Daily drilling report software
  • Land management systems
  • QHSE management systems
  • Automated production analytics
    & reporting modules
Booking and reservation systems

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