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Developing a product of a superior quality and within time and budget limits has always been a challenge. It is all about wise management, technical knowledge, creativity, and practical engineering skills .

We possess flawless technical background and multi-industrial expertise to embody your ideas into an actual business result.

With 11 years of experience of working with Microsoft technologies and proven digital web application solutions, we will bring your vision to success.

What we offer




Our approach represents the development of an application as a merge of services in connected modules. Our microservice architecture provides integrity of the application's components during the process of change or redeployment of any module.
The technology stack can be changed anytime on the client's demand without involving many resources.

Back-End development

For 10 years of our truly dedicated work in the IT industry, we have gained considerable experience of .NET, Go and JavaScript (Node.js). We have developed numerous web apps and products of great complexity involving 3rd-party services and APIs.
We guarantee high-load and scalable web applications with flowless performance and integration with frontend.
Back-End development
Front-End development

Front-End development

Traditionally, we apply the latest versions of Angular and React.js on the frontend side of applications. Our development team possesses wide experience of migrating from Angular.js to Angular or React without ceasing the operations. We have built many different frontends for web applications of various complexity, analytical platforms and industrial products.


Our expertise includes SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB and CosmosDB as the state-of-the-art and well-used databases. Our database preferences are strictly determined by user demands and system design. Our main priorities when developing websites and web applications are accurate data storage and retrieving, speed and reliability.


We engage dedicated DevOps specialists to install and manage server infrastructure and deploy your application code. Having extensive expertise in Azure, AWS, GCP, we build cost-efficient and easy-to-manage architecture to provide you with the best solutions.


Take advantages of top engineers and proven processes, - bring your vision to success. We are ready to take care of the whole process, regardless complexity, and guide you during every single stage of project development.
& design
& Devops
Front-end & Back-end
Maintenance &
Post-release support

Why Blackthorn Vision

Partner, not a vendor

Partner, not a vendor

Blackthorn Vision has been a reliable partner for its customers for 10+ years already. Most of our customers engage in long-term cooperation rather than one-time projects. The average customer account lifecycle with us is 5+ years.
Proven track record

Proven track record

We have successfully delivered over 70 projects, and based on regular survey data, we estimate the level of customer satisfaction to be at 95%. We also share open-minded company culture and get along quickly with customer teams all across the world.
Customer centered services

Customer centered services

Blackthorn Vision offers a set of services supported by flexible engagement models tailored to our customer's business needs in mind. One of our strengths is our capability to act as a one-stop-shop for customers, support them on any SDLC stage, and drive it from the beginning until a successful product launch.
Top tech talent

Top tech talent

Our HQ is located in Lviv, a city proud to have the best trained and highly skilled tech talent in Ukraine. This is due to the 3 top universities in Ukraine providing degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Whenever we need a team extension to meet customer's project needs, we close vacancies faster than in other locations in Ukraine.

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  • Customer Success Manager

Blackthorn vision

Since 2009, we've been assisting technology companies to build and improve their software products. We help to scale tech teams, deliver projects on time and within budget, develop ideas from initial concepts to a final product.

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