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What we offer

We create smart iOS, Android and cross-platform top-notch mobile applications according to your needs and expectations. To help you build your competitive advantage through mobile solutions and bring a unique value, great usability and flawless performance, we combine our considerable tech skills with the market and industry knowledge.

We specialize in app design and development for phones, tablets and TVs. We also help companies with their voice-based apps, web sites, back-end APIs, blockchain development , AR experiences and connected smart products.

By means of such a tecnology as Xamarin and programming languages as Swift, Kotlin and C# we make your product well-built and well-fitted to the market need. Throughout the whole development process, we examine your business analytics, offer proper ways to improve your product in general, and create a satisfying user experience.


Native Android development

We prefer Native Android development as a way to unleash the whole potential of device functionality and integrate specific features in order to deliver excellent user experiences. We use Kotlin to create present-day and dynamic applications for Android smartphones, Android Wear, and Android TV. Together with Google's Material Design best practices and our individual approach, we develop adaptable, efficient and unique interfaces.
As an Android application development company, we posses wide experience of creating apps for multiple industries such as energy, oil & gas, healhtcare, budgeting & accounting, education, traveling & hospitality

Native iOS development

While creating applications for IOS products, we consider multiple deviсe features for implementing flawless codebase. We provide mobile application development using the Swift native programming language to produce the results meeting the client’s expectations. Regardless a device (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch), we do our best to provide the client with cutting-edge user experience. As we are big fans of C# and .NET tech stack, we also use them for iOS application development as a cross-platform mobile solution with the help of Xamarin.
We are extremely self-demanding when maintaining the quality of the code we write. It must be readable, flexible, and testable. After we start working on your project, you get new and stable builds every week.

Cross-platform development

Despite any level of complexity, we translate every core concept into a flawless, user-friendly UI. Our customized cross-platform app development approach allowes us to perform any project options our clients' strategy requires.
For cross-platform projects we prefer Xamarin as the most innovative and efficient framework. It allows our clients to obtain universal solution for all mobile operating systems: Android and iOS. By choosing Xamarin, it becomes possible to reuse up to 96% of the entire code. Therefore, our client saves a lot of resources and receives a comprehensive mobile app. We always recommend Xamarin to our clients as one of the best ways to use their assets efficiently.

Back-end development and infrastructure

For 10 years of our truly dedicated work in the IT industry, we have gained considerable experience of .NET, Go and JavaScript (Node.js) and used it for the backend in all our projects. We have developed numerous applications and products of great complexity involving 3rd-party services, APIs, different payment services and real-time features.
Having extensive expertise in building cloud architectures, we usually apply Azure, AWS or GCP infrastructure for more complex projects, and Firebase stack for the MVP ones. Also, we work with any server-side databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, CosmosDB, etc.


Take advantages of top engineers and proven processes, - bring your vision to success. We are ready to take care of the whole process, regardless complexity, and guide you during every single stage of project development.
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Why Blackthorn Vision

Best engineers

Best engineers

We can assist you in expanding your team or setting up an R&D center in Ukraine. You will enable you to select from thousands and thousands of top developers who possess a wide range of technological skills and solid practical experience
Smart cost

Smart cost

As an East European software development company, we provide you with an opportunity to reduce your development expenses in comparison with the same teams based in the US, Canada, Western Europe, etc
Optimal capacity

Optimal capacity

We are a medium-sized company: large enough to provide our clients with first-class services in accordance with international standards, and small enough to be dynamic and agile when implementing solutions resolutely without excessive red tape


  • 70+ successfully completed long-term projects
  • 5+ years of active cooperation with clients
  • less than 10% employee turnover rate
  • 10+ years of experience in the industry
  • 25+ countries in our portfolio
Efficiency and dedication

Efficiency and dedication

By choosing us, you receive an absolutely committed partner helping you embody the knowledge into a product by increasing your in-company team with dedicated members, keeping people motivated and ensuring their professional growth
Flexible engagement models

Flexible engagement models

Our diverse business models enable you to select the most applicable type of cooperation. We are always ready to meet your requirements regarding levels of development engagement, project management and desired scalability

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Blackthorn vision

Since 2009, we've been assisting technology companies to build and improve their software products. We help to scale tech teams, deliver projects on time and within a budget, develop ideas from initial concepts to a final product.

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