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About The Project

Before unTill Web Management was released, all business data from multiple restaurants had been decentralized and complicated for restaurant owners or managers to work with it (e.g.: to change something in a huge number of restaurants in a few clicks, visualize some reports or charts, etc.)

Now, unTill Web Management brings all your restaurant data from different locations directly to your browser for online access. Web Management allows you to do everything as if you were sitting in your back office, – from updating prices and menu items to generating custom reports and exporting data, and it is applicable for all locations or only the locations you choose.

You schedule automatic price changes or menu updates to take place at different locations at different times to suit each operating schedule. In addition, unTill Web Management utilizes cloud technologies to back up your local databases off-site for an added level of redundancy and security.

Business Needs

unTill enables restaurant owners and managers to gather, visualize and maintain all required business data in a convenient and easy way, so that they do not need to spend a great deal of time gathering and keeping all the data in external documents, etc.


The complexity of the applications, both hardware and software limitations, make it a real challenge to create an application that would be smooth, fast and, at the same time, able to gather a huge amount of data from different restaurants and perform accurate calculations under the data.


  • .NET Core / C#
  • TypeScript / JavaScript
  • Angular
  • Web API
  • LINQ
  • SQL / SQL Server
  • Azure
  • TDD
  • Jenkins
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework
  • SignalR
  • Android
  • Telerik
  • Kendo


  • Custom reports
  • Report types
  • Customized application features
  • Article prices
  • Dynamic report sets
  • E-mail notifications
  • Smart validation

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