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What is startup development

What is startup development?

Startup Development service is helping new businesses to bring their products to life. Since 2010, Blackthorn Vision has been a trusted tech partner for companies from all over the world. Most of our long term clients make the Fortune 500 list.

Our Startup Development service meets the highest industry standards at every step along the way - from product ideation to its successful launch.

Based on the detailed project requirements provided by you or based on the backlog we co-created together with you during a Discovery phase, we develop a fixed bid quote reflecting an overall project budget and timeline indicating all major project milestones.


You have an idea and want to develop a product from scratch
You have an idea and want to develop a product from scratch
You are looking for a self-organized agile team
You need to focus more on a product development strategy
You need to focus more on a product development strategy
You want to completely delegate technical design and project management
You need help with business requirements
You need help with business requirements
You want the team to take ownership of your product

OUR CORE startup development SERVICES


Research and risk assessment

We have the necessary knowledge and skillset to assess the business potential of your idea and create a Proof of Concept. The aim of this in-depth analysis is to foresee any roadblocks and risks to prevent and minimize them by designing an effective strategy. We create an MVP for our clients within the shortest possible time to test it with the target audience and make all the necessary adjustments and changes on time.
Full-Cycle software development

Full-Cycle software development

We offer comprehensive software development services for startups from various industries - Energy, Oil & Gas, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Machinery, Budgeting & Accounting, Hospitality, Industrial Automation, etc. The initial Discovery Phase helps us understand all the aspects of the product. Then our competent Product Manager creates a realistic product roadmap with technology requirements. After the client’s approval, we move to the software development stage to bring the product to market.
Team growth

Team growth

No waste of precious time on hiring and training new employees - you can easily expand your technology team with Blackthorn Vision. In case we have to speed up development process and decrease time to market, our PM will drive the team expansion and new team members onboarding, so that the product is launched according to your business driven deadline.

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Startup development model


We perform workshops in order to understand the product objectives, value proposition, intended target audience and expected user flows. We also identify the must-haves to create an MVP, understand the go-to-market strategy, business model and monetization.

Proof of concert

We identify potential technical challenges and bottlenecks, if any, conduct a feasibility study, and build a POC to ensure we choose the right technology strategy.


We launch an MVP to get your product to market and engage the early adopters. While MVP is launched and in use, we work on getting feedback from real end users to identify all areas of improvement.

Next releases

While you are working with your customers/end users on MVP feedback, our team continues working on next releases and new functionality development, so that the product you initially had on your mind is delivered in its full scope.

Build a Startup MVP with Blackthorn Vision

Timing is often critical for business success. We use Lean Startup Methodology to create an MVP as soon as possible. With this approach, our clients can continuously test and improve the product while it is ready to be presented to investors and early users.


Core benefits

Independent dedicated team

Our team has the necessary set of skills and is exclusively focused on your product to build effective software solutions. Agile methodology guarantees minimum turnaround time.

Business thinking

We have successfully completed hundreds of projects in different areas. Our business analysts and software engineers are well aware of all the difficulties that may arise on the way from a concept to a ready product, and we are there for you to prevent them and make it as smooth as possible both from technology and business perspective.

Continuous delivery

New features are released constantly. Our processes are geared up for continuous integration and delivery, ensuring speedy releases. The development process is organized with a strong emphasis on tests: test automation and quality assurance ensure a sustainable code and error-free applications with every release.

Customized approach

We offer several pricing models to meet the exact needs of global startups. Our core focus is on the clients’ innate needs such as fast delivery, low cost, high quality, resource versatility and support.

Why Blackthorn Vision

Partner, not a vendor

Partner, not a vendor

Blackthorn Vision has been a reliable partner for its customers for 10+ years already. Most of our customers engage in long-term cooperation rather than one-time projects. The average customer account lifecycle with us is 5+ years.
Proven track record

Proven track record

We have successfully delivered over 70 projects, and based on regular survey data, we estimate the level of customer satisfaction to be at 95%. We also share open-minded company culture and get along quickly with customer teams all across the world.
Customer centered services

Customer centered services

Blackthorn Vision offers a set of services supported by flexible engagement models tailored to our customer's business needs in mind. One of our strengths is our capability to act as a one-stop-shop for customers, support them on any SDLC stage, and drive it from the beginning until a successful product launch.
Top tech talent

Top tech talent

Our HQ is located in Lviv, a city proud to have the best trained and highly skilled tech talent in Ukraine. This is due to the 3 top universities in Ukraine providing degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Whenever we need a team extension to meet customer's project needs, we close vacancies faster than in other locations in Ukraine.

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