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What we offer

If you want to make a competitive product, quality must be undoubtedly considered as a top priority. It’s what should always be in focus during the whole project development lifecycle.

Blackthorn vision offers a wide range of software testing and QA services that meet the highest industry standards, including security. Using our vast QA expertise and team flexibility, our QA engineers can improve the quality of your product while reducing time-to-market, management risks, and operating costs.

Around the globe, companies lose trillions of dollars annually from software failure, which also involves reputational risks. We follow the best QA practices to ensure your product is bug-free: test each feature separately with clear objectives in mind, use the advanced bug tracking and reporting tools, apply a comprehensive range of scenarios for different devices, OS, etc., use regression tests, and many other customized techniques for the desired result.



Manual testing

Manual tests are a frequent choice for exploratory, ad hoc, and usability testing. They are less expensive and provide valuable user interface feedback. Another advantage is a better ability to handle complicated use case situations compared to automated testing. Our Manual Testers have remarkable skills and versatile experience in many industries and will discover all critical errors.
By supplementing our in-depth manual testing services with state-of-the-art automated testing practices, we help you to craft a well-polished product that will satisfy your end-user needs in the best way possible.

Automated UI testing

User Interface testing is designated to ensure that all elements that constitute UI of an app, such as widgets, buttons, forms, menus, etc., meet all functional requirements across various platforms and devices.
Using advanced automation testing tools and frameworks such as NUnit, Protractor, Selenium WebDriver, and others, we have gained immense expertise in the automation testing field, and help application owners to make sure that their product interface and user experience meet the end-user needs.

API testing

Application Programming Interfaces are the connecting layer between data and presentation and contain the business logic of any app. APIs ensure its seamless integration with external services. The testing can be done at the early stages before the whole app is finished, but very often requires writing special code. However, it has high speed and large coverage, with just minutes needed to run hundreds of tests. Our team performs advanced API testing to make sure your app is reliable and compatible with other services, important for your business, for instance, payment systems.

Perfomance testing

Performance testing aims to check if an app is stable, responsive, fast and efficient under a workload., for instance, if there are many simultaneous users. It helps detect bottlenecks - components that slow down the software performance. This kind of testing also serves to verify if the app corresponds to the provided specifications.
We use different load and performance testing tools, conduct analysis and provide results reports. Our approach easily adjusts to your development lifecycle and to working with one-off and ongoing engagements.




Before your website or web application goes live, we make sure it works smoothly and efficiently on the end-user side.



We perform thorough testing of VR/AR software that runs on different devices



No defect that creates a poor experience for your mobile app users will escape from our dedicated team of testers.



We test a wide variety of personal gadgets: smartwatches, smart accessories, and even items of clothing to guarantee the impeccable performance of all on-device apps, and thus, their high competitiveness



We guarantee that your desktop app is functional, usable and stable


Take advantages of top engineers and proven processes, - bring your vision to success. We are ready to take care of the whole process, regardless complexity, and guide you during every single stage of project development.
Selecting an effective testing strategy
Making a list of testing activities
Deciding on suitable tools
Performing testing activities
Producing reports
Presenting test results and guidelines

Why Blackthorn Vision

Partner, not a vendor

Partner, not a vendor

Blackthorn Vision has been a reliable partner for its customers for 10+ years already. Most of our customers engage in long-term cooperation rather than one-time projects. The average customer account lifecycle with us is 5+ years.
Proven track record

Proven track record

We have successfully delivered over 70 projects, and based on regular survey data, we estimate the level of customer satisfaction to be at 95%. We also share open-minded company culture and get along quickly with customer teams all across the world.
Customer centered services

Customer centered services

Blackthorn Vision offers a set of services supported by flexible engagement models tailored to our customer's business needs in mind. One of our strengths is our capability to act as a one-stop-shop for customers, support them on any SDLC stage, and drive it from the beginning until a successful product launch.
Top tech talent

Top tech talent

Our HQ is located in Lviv, a city proud to have the best trained and highly skilled tech talent in Ukraine. This is due to the 3 top universities in Ukraine providing degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Whenever we need a team extension to meet customer's project needs, we close vacancies faster than in other locations in Ukraine.

Blackthorn vision

Since 2009, we've been assisting technology companies to build and improve their software products. We help to scale tech teams, deliver projects on time and within budget, develop ideas from initial concepts to a final product.

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