About the project

Our client is an American fintech startup specializing in facilitating stock and currency trade operations, connecting companies of all sizes worldwide with global financial markets. The company employs the power of AI to automate workflows, mitigate risks and guarantee high security of transactions. Our project focused on negotiation app development for the Client.

About the project


The biggest challenge was the integration of AI in the negotiation process. The goal was to design software that would eliminate a large part of manual handling, establish smooth workflows for multiple operations, and allow the user to stay anonymous.


The user registers in the app, creates a bid, and launches the automatic negotiation process. We have established negotiation interoperability by designing standard negotiation protocols. AI agents with an independently implemented negotiation strategy can negotiate with each other.

Real-time market data (stock and currency rates, information about companies and brokers) are received from Bloomberg through Azure data Factory, updated every morning and seamlessly integrated into functional modules. Final decision and contract confirmation is made by humans. After the selection of the most attractive bid, the anonymous parties sign a smart contract. The trade operation is performed outside the app.



  • AI-supported security
  • Anonymous bids and quotes
  • Unlimited simultaneous trade negotiations
  • Bloomberg API - real-time market data overview
  • Legal entities can be parties to the agreement
  • Quick search of counterparties using the search/recommend agent
  • Legal compliance of trade operations
  • Trade history reports
  • Insights into trade decisions


Business value

The software automates effective negotiations and agreements and helps achieve better conditions for both seller and buyer while keeping it anonymous. It makes it possible to negotiate a large number of trade deals simultaneously, saves a lot of time, and helps build a vast network of business partners. Convenient reports allow retrospective analysis of trade decisions to improve future strategies.

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