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Initial Discussion

During this stage, our engagement team gathers all requirements and related information about a project in detail, clarify and confirm the budget and time limits which you have.


Analysis and Consultancy

We analyze project requirements and get back to you with possible implementation approaches. If the project requirements are missing and you need help in working on your product vision, we propose to start with Discovery Phase aimed at developing future solution architecture vision, UI prototype and detailed and prioritized project scope. Such approach helps to minimize uncertainty and get more accurate implementation estimate.



After analysis and requirements clarification are done, we provide a project proposal containing:


Contract Signoff

After the legal contract is signed by all parties, project execution is done according to the service chosen and engagement model agreed on by customer. Our Project Managers ensure you are informed on project progress and status to mitigate potential project risks before they take place.


Execution and Delivery

For project implementation we choose the delivery model and methodology that fits project needs and is familiar to both us and customer. In most cases we suggest following Scrum methodology but whenever our customers would like to adapt any other methodology, we are open to discussion and flexible to change the approach.



You should consider this stage if you expect fast-growing user audience, regular functional enhancements, usability improvements, prompt responses to user issues, system fine-tuning and optimizations, periodic system upgrades, security monitoring, database, and other infrastructure maintenance.

Pricing models

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

The billing is done according to a fixed project cost. This pricing model can be applied when a project scope and requirements are clear enough, and there are low business risks that they will be changed during the implementation. In this case, the pricing model allows you to meet expected timelines and deliverables for reasonable project costs.

Time and Material

Time and Material

The billing is done according to the time spent by the team. Time & Material is one of the most agile and quality of productive pricing models. This business model is quite flexible and highly efficient when it is hard to predict final project costs, and when a customer’s requirements can vary depending on different factors.

Dedicated Software Development

Fixed monthly payment

The billing is done as a flat monthly rate per team member. A dedicated team is a pricing model which enables you to pay a fixed monthly rate per team member. It consists of a team member salary, taxes, hardware, software, administration expenses and also our fixed service fee. You can always predict your expenses and plan your budget.

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