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About The Project

SciChart serves thousands of customers world-wide and is used enthusiastically in systems ranging from Automotive to Defence, Pharmaceutical to Oil & Gas, Investment Banking to Trading.


Before SciChart was created, most chart components had used default, provided by an operating system graphics libraries to draw charts, which resulted in poor performance when charting more than a few thousand data points. This led to impossibility to create scientific or real-time charting applications.

SciChart solves the problem by mixing WPF (Vector) and Bitmap (Raster) graphics in the first version, and lots of further improvements. Just after releasing SciChart v1, many users reported that previously impossible projects were now possible. SciChart brought the ability to display Big Data and Realtime charts with millions of data-points for the First Time.

About scichart


Previously impossible projects became possible, since SciChart allowed visualizing real-time big data across platforms, desktop, mobile devices and embedded systems. Today, SciChart abolishes common limitations in the field and ignites imagination of project managers and developers across the globe.


The complexity of applications, hardware and software limitations, made it a challenge to create an application which would be smooth, with great user experience and, at the same time, able to visualize millions of data points on the screen.

scichart Solution


Charting, WPF, C#, XAML, Java, ObjectiveC, Swift, Kotlin, C++, DirectX, OpenGL, and OpenGLES, Metal

WPF: WPF/C# code, XAML, MVVM, Reactive Extensions, Unity Container, SQL databases, continuous delivery, DirectX, SVN/Git, HTTP Rest Webservices;

iOS: Objective-C; High performance Objective-C/C code; Swift 5; XCode; Metal, OpenGLES; OpenGL; C++; Core graphics; Android: Java; Kotlin; Android SDKs; OpenGLES, JNI/C++ Interop, NDK;

Xamarin: C#, Xamarin Native, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android binding libraries;

Cross Platform: C/C++ Cross platform code, Platform Independent Interop & P/Invoke with C#, Java, Objective C. High Performance C++ code. SIMD/SEE Vectorization, DirectX9, 10, 11, OpenGL, OpenGLES;

scichart Solution

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