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About The Project

SciChart is an award-winning UK-based software company which creates high-performance, cross-platform charting libraries for business and scientific applications. Unprecedented real-time charts with a virtually unlimited number of data points have won popularity with thousands of clients in 80 countries. Thanks to this international success, the company has been steadily growing for more than ten years without external investment.

Blackthorn Vision’s team has contributed to the development of SciChart’s products which have a wide range of applications across many industries - Medical, Automotive, Trading, Investment Banking, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Process Automation, Instrumentation, Defense, Motorsport, Mining, Aerospace. SciChart continues to drive innovation in the data visualization realm and push the boundaries of what is possible.



In 2010, chart components used default graphics libraries embedded in the OSs, which led to poor performance if the number of data points exceeded several thousand. It made visualization of large amounts of data, and thus the creation of scientific or real-time charting applications impossible. Creating a tool that would enable visualizing millions of data points on the screen with excellent user experience, smooth integration with other apps was a complex task due to software limitations.


The Client preferred a dedicated cooperation model with us. We have helped to implement SciChart's innovative ideas as an integral part of the Client's software development team. This model entails full engagement in the development process - our specialists spend 100% of their time on the project-related tasks and are led and managed by SciChart’s technical leads. Being a close part of the team has allowed us to quickly respond to the client's feedback and make changes, if necessary, in a short timeframe.

We have participated in the development of a cross-platform graphics software and a set of libraries (desktop, mobile, web), which allow processing billions of data points and thus visualization of real-time and high complexity big data. Fast bitmap drawing in SciChart version 1 made previously impossible projects a reality. Numerous improvements such as hardware acceleration and algorithmic improvements have followed.

Today, SciChart is a software development kit for easy and seamless inclusion of high performance charts and graphs in an application. It has many useful features, like zooming, panning and other interactions, markers, annotations, and many more. Constant updates ensure reliability. SciChart is a tool, not an application, so it does not have access to clients' data.

SolutionsSciChart Customer using SciChart for Mobile to build a an Epilepsy reasearch kit for kids


  1. 1. Chart Types

    WPF - 50 both 2D and 3D chart types; also, iOS - about 30 and Android – about 30 both 2D and 3D chart types.

  2. 2. Performance

    The fastest charts possible enable demanding scientific, engineering and financial apps across platforms (WPF, iOS, Android, JavaScript).

  3. 3. Animated Charts

    Four out of the box basic animation types: Fade, Sweep, Scale, and Wave Animations. Flexible API gives control over the start and finish of the animation, start delay, duration, and allows multiple adjustments to its behavior.

  4. 4. Interactions

    • Cursors & Tooltips - creation of interactive applications with cursors, rollovers, vertical lines, legends and more.
    • Zooming and Panning - an API to zoom, pan and scroll charts. Users can pan or zoom chart in x or y directions or both; set or animate Axis VisibleRange, develop custom mouse interactivity extensions.
  5. 5. Unlimited Multiple X, Y Axis

    X-axis can be placed at the Top or bottom, and Y axis - on the Left or Right. Several axes on one side are also possible.

  6. 6. Annotations & Markers

    A powerful Annotations API allows overlaying lines, arrows, boxes, text and more over the chart. Custom annotations are possible too. Interaction with annotations: the user can click on annotation, drag it and resize.

  7. 7. Styling and Theming

    8 stunning themes in Theme Manager, applied to the charts with a single line of code. Themes affect default cursor, zoom, axis, grid and series colors.

  8. 8. Ease of use

    The charts are getting progressively easier for developers to use, thanks to constant negative feedback analysis. The aim is to improve each iteration of SciChart, making it more time- and cost-efficient.

FeaturesFinancial Domain customer of SciChart uses SciChart to build high speed trading desktop application


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TechnologiesFinancial Domain customer of SciChart uses SciChart to build high speed trading desktop application

Business value

Blackthorn Vision team has been a part of implementing the SciChart's groundbreaking data visualization, which underpins the success of thousands of projects. The customers, empowered by the SciChart solutions, develop products that save lives in the medical sphere, enable scientific discoveries and victories in formula one races, support high accuracy and advanced analytics in finance, etc.

The Queen's Award acknowledged SciChart's passion for innovation in 2019, as well as receiving highly commended in the Lloyds bank National Business Awards in 2019. The product is highly intuitive and friendly to users, with 98% of them recommending SciChart as the best option on the market.

"Blackthorn Vision has helped me scale my business, which is undoubtedly a key factor in our success. They’ve created award-winning software that customers describe as 'best in class' "

CEO of SciChart, Andrew Burnett-Thompson

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