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About the project

The client is an American startup, founded by two fitness enthusiasts. The company mission is to give people freedom to exercise whenever and wherever they want and obtain the same result as with a personal trainer.

About the project


We had to build a product that would create value for the Client in the market with tough competition. The app had to be cross-platform, highly intuitive, with unique selling features. Before we started the development stage, the team carried out a thorough product research during the Discovery phase to make sure the app was commercially viable.


BodyCoach is a sophisticated but easy-to use virtual fitness trainer. The user enters their physical parameters and is offered to take an endurance test. Based on the results, the app constructs a workout of the desired duration and adjusts it depending on the user progress and fitness goals.



  • Workout routine is automatically generated depending on the initial/achieved fitness level
  • Progress tracking for all exercises with logs and complexity charts
  • Achievements (records) tracking with logs and exercise charts
  • Ability to track only selected exercises that correspond to training needs and goals
  • A vast variety of exercises for all muscle groups to choose from, with guidelines and animated demonstrations
  • Localized user interface
  • Voice instructions in the selected language


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    .NET Core Web API
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    Entity Framework Core
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    SQL database
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Business value

The app we created has been downloaded by thousands of users worldwide, and 40 % of them have subscribed to premium features - dieting plan and habit tracker. It helps stay fit and healthy during the Covid-19 epidemic as it allows achieving impressive fitness results at home - without gym equipment.

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