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Web application personalized health tracking

The application is designed with data security and protection in mind. All data is encrypted, and access to the data is audited.

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Before creating FitFortis, there was no convenient application for recording a huge number of measurements, setting goals and taking into account genetic capabilities.

The FitFortis app turns all the manually added information or the information recorded by your device into easy-to-read charts and graphs, so that you can monitor your progress and fitness goals.

Business Value

The FitFortis app provides a beautiful and functional experience with the following capabilities:

  • The application is a One-Stop Shop for all of your health-tracking needs.
  • The Smart Dashboard allows the user to track various metrics and health indicators. The dashboard also enables the user to derive correlations between different health metrics by means of AI and ML.
  • A secure Document Vault provides storage and retrieval of health-related documents, and the ability to generate health reports on demand.
  • The user can connect the application to Devices collecting health information (e.g. a smart scale or an Apple Watch)
  • The application also provides a Health Encyclopedia and a Symptom Checker.
  • The user can record their personal, hereditary and genetic information in their Profile.
  • The application also provides News & Alerts personalized to every user.


The complexity of the application is cross-platform with support for legacy browsers, which would be smooth in animation, have a great user experience and, at the same time, could quickly display operations with a large amount of data on the screen.


The FitFortis application enables you to track your measurements made by the device or manually, set goals and achieve them. Moreover, FitFortis allows setting a possible diagnosis according to your symptoms. We are confident that together with FitFortis you will achieve your goals.


  • Javascript
  • React
  • Redux
  • React-smooth
  • React-router-dom
  • Antd
  • Recharts
  • Ramda
  • Less
  • Enzyme
  • Jest
  • Babel
  • TDD
  • Scrum
  • .NET core web api
  • EF core
  • SQL database

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