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About The Project

Calxa is leading budgeting and cashflow forecasting software for small and non-profit businesses and organizations located in Australia and New Zealand. It saves time, is easy to use, and delivers professional reports in a fraction of time used in spreadsheets.

Shortcuts. It applies shortcuts to multiple lines, whole budgets or individual fields, and watches automatically updated totals.

Multiple budgeting versions. Unlike spreadsheets, multiple budget versions are easy to manage. You copy budgets from one version to another and report on any version.

Report templates. You select from over forty report templates, interpret the reports for non-accountants, forecast cashflow and balance sheet, compare budgets and report on KPIs.

File management. Data is stored locally with SQL Server or online with Microsoft Azure.


Simplify and Make Better Decisions

Make your management reports easier and create better, more accurate and professional-looking insights. Accurate information in a readable, understandable format is the basis of sound decision-making.


Save time

Wizards prepare budgets and pre-made templates, reduce time. Workflows automatize processes.


Improve accurancy

Linking directly to the accounting data ensures full transparency and guarantees reliability.

Business value

Calxa uses accounting system data as actual and lets users edit and calculate budgets and cashflow forecasts. Calxa executes calculations and generates highly customizable reports. Our product aim is to build the software which could make complex things simple. Different business people should be able to see their company data in different desirable projections.

Calxa solution structure

Calxa software represents a few products combined in one solution:

  • Calxa Desktop Application Presentation
  • Calxa Desktop Application Server
  • Calxa Cloud
  • Authentication Server
  • Federation Services
  • Client Company Data Persistence Database (horizontal (sharding), vertical and functional scale)
  • Report Calculation Servers
  • Accounting Systems Integration Servers
  • Licensing Server
  • Web Application Server (Web UI front-end and back-end)


  • Windows XP/Server 2003 – Windows 10/Server 2012 R2
  • Visual Studio 2008-2015
  • Visual Studio Online source control and Application Lifecycle
  • Management (including new Build 2015 VNext)
  • .NET 3.0-4.6.1, C# v3 – v7, Base Class Library, WPF, WCF, WWF, EF
  • Code First, LinqToSql, ADO.NET 1+
  • Asynchronous programming using .NET 1-4.5 threading infrastructure
  • ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5/CSS, JavaScript
  • TypeScript, React.JS, Knockout, other web client side technologies.
  • Windows Installer XML
  • Unmanaged code interop

Working practices

  • A development team sits together in the circle with open visible monitors
  • Agile Mindset
  • SOLID design principles represent our engineering philosophy passing through all aspects of our development
  • Scrum derived process
  • Daily 8:30AM scrum video meetings with product owner over Skype; every developer gives a short speech
  • Framework Design Guidelines, Code Convention and many special project coding canonical forms

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  • Hanna Bey
  • Client Partner

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