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We carefully listen to and hear everyone’s needs. We firmly believe that this is the only way to create the best working environment one can possibly imagine.


  • We work in a modern business center with a convenient traffic interchange around. There is a large parking for cars and bicycles, a gym, a market, plenty of cafes and shops near the building. Our office is spacious but cozy, with large rooms, comfortable chairs and wide desks. Do you dream about a state of the art mouse, a trendy keyboard, or, maybe, three displays? All of these you can get at once here, at Blackthorn Vision!
  • We design a flexible work schedule which allows us to work when and where it is convenient, even from another part of the world! Each of us has 15 days of paid vacation (21 calendar day) and five half-paid sick-leave days.
  • During working hours, you can enjoy our lounge room – you are always welcome! Here, you can play Xbox, table football and/or tennis, work out, or simply kick back and read your favorite magazine or book.
  • Every BV member has their own Fund that can be used without limits on a particular set of purposes such as health care (medical and dental services, tests, etc.), professional development (trainings, events, books, language studies, etc.), individual development (trips abroad), sports activities (gym, pool, participation in different events, etc.). The sum of money accumulates from year to year and depends on the number of years you have worked here.
  • On Mondays we enjoy various sweets; we also provide fresh fruit every Wednesday. If you are a coffee or tea fun, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee or tea in assortment.
  • The company is also eco- and animal-friendly.
  • We offer free parking for bicycles.
What we offer


  • The company encourages professional and personal development. Professional development program involves the development of individual plans and goals for each of our employees. The program has been designed to help the employees to effectively build their career in the company.
  • As we are conquering markets all over the world, Blackthorn Vision appreciates superb language skills. Thus, we provide our employees with free of charge in-company English classes.
  • We provide business trips and relevant assistance with organizational issues such as booking, document preparations, etc.
  • When in need of extra knowledge to cope with everyday tasks, you can grab the best in tech reads from our library. If you have not succeeded in finding what you need, we will place an order specifically for you. Together with cognitive technical literature, in our library, you will also find loads of books on psychology, management, self-development, etc. The library is regularly updated.
  • The company has developed several competence groups: .NET, JS, Mobile, QA/BA/UX, Clouds/DevOps. You can improve your skills and share experience within these groups.


  • Blackthorn Vision provides splendid corporate events and celebrations. Each summer and winter we organize big parties. In summer, we spend our time open-air playing sports, having BBQ, etc. Summer parties do not include “+1” option. In winter, the parties are usually themed and take place at restaurants. You are welcome to bring your +1. In spring and autumn, we organize active corporate team buildings. Moreover, we love celebrating important events and dates in our team members’ lives. These are various anniversaries, professional holidays, birthdays, etc. We always have some cool ideas to surprise and impress you!
Have a look at our team members
  • Our BV team includes a special community of fun-loving people who enjoy spending time together being involved in different activities such as Mafia, bowling, laser tag, paintball, eating out together, etc.
  • Nothing builds the spirit better than being a part of a great team. We have teams for both football and intellectual games fans who regularly represent our company in the IT League of WHO? WHERE? WHEN?
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Since 2009, we've been assisting technology companies to build and improve their software products. We help to scale tech teams, deliver projects in time and within a budget, develop ideas from initial concepts to a final product.

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