Windows 10: the greatest solution or just a soap bubble

A lot of time has past since Microsoft announced Windows 10. It was extremely awaited update, and since the Win 10 was launched, millions of users installed it on their devices. The feedback was given, early bugs were fixed, so now it seems to be completed. And this is the time when users can feel Windows 10 as an absolutely new approach of Microsoft – unexpected (but restrained) design, new functions, better performance. And even more.

Blackthorn Vision is the company which concentrates its efforts on creating software for Microsoft’s products. Our programmers and managers are extremely experienced in working with different frameworks and approaches Microsoft use. That’s why we’d like to dig deeper and clarify whether Windows 10 is really useful solution, or not.


Let’s start our investigation with interface, because this is the first thing you meet after upgrading to Windows 10. There a lot of different (and notable) changes if to compare with previous version of OS. Microsoft decided to come back to the Start Menu. This oldschool but still actual solution extremely increases user experience. Start menu is something users got used to. And the main mistake Microsoft has made when launching Win 8 was to take the Menu away. Earlier, they explained the absence of the function with touch screens oriented approach. But, as far as we know, it wasn’t a good idea, so Windows 10 came back as a desktop friendly interface. Tick!


Effective snap with great performance is one more high score the creators of Win 10 has acquired. With this solution users are now able to split the screen between different applications easily. Moreover, they can snap apps to the corners of the display, which allows to divide each screen into parts and work with 2 or more windows at once. And that’s why Win 10 is about creativity, as well. It lets users to create virtual desktops for more windows. And it’s an irreplaceable function for those who multitask (as we all do). Once you created a desktop “Design”, you’ll be able to place there everything you need to come up with good design artifacts. But at any moment you can skip this desktop and start working with “Play” where your favorite games and a social media feed are open. The only obvious con this functionality has is that user isn’t able to save the desktops. So rebooting deletes them. But we’d like to believe that it’s just a small misunderstanding, which Microsoft will improve in the latest versions of the product.

Talking about cons, we’d like to mention a necessity in both the Control Panel and Settings menu. Windows 10 provides user with Settings menu that has more detailed controls for things like notifications and networks. But it’s not enough – Disk Management tool, Fonts folder and the User Account Control — they’re still embeded into the Control Panel. So, what was the purpose of creating the Settings menu?

Overall, the design of all apps is equal. Users won’t forget – it was a big problem of Win 8 – some of the apps were created to work on desktop, other were oriented more on touchscreens. And it was completely confusing! Win 10 is much more attractive when discussing design and user experience.


One more feature Win 10 includes is Cortana. And we definitely couldn’t miss mentioning about it. Since Microsoft has launched the Cortana, a lot of time has passed, as well as many improvements were done (based on valuable users’ feedback, of course). We’re not saying that the latest version of Cortana is the highest point Microsoft could reach with such instrument, but this app is getting more and more useful. Being a virtual notebook, it mixes the content users are interested in. And a tiny tapping on Cortana’s icon leads user to an overview of his/her interests (that were chosen earlier).


At the same time Cortana can be edited at any moment to trim out information user’s not interested in anymore. But the most attractive thing about the app is that it’s cloud powered. It means that the changes user has done at Android, for example, will be applied to the desktop version, as well. So, a tiny reminder from Cortana on buying some bread appears at user’s desktop even if the reminder was recorded on the mobile app. That’s what makes Cortana a digital assistant.

Also, it worth mentioning that the success of Cortana is so significant that Microsoft is ready to present the app out of Win 10. Magic is about to happen – Microsoft announced a special version of Cortana specially for iOS. Looking forward to seeing it!


When Microsoft announced a death of Internet Explorer, the community was shocked. To be honest, we didn’t use Explorer at all, be we (as well as everybody) were so used to see it as a default application within any version of Windows, that now it seemed impossible to forget it has ever existed. So the launch of Win 10 was decorated with new Edge Browser – a large and significant improvement over Internet Explorer. Nobody expected, but the performance of the browser really surprises.


Edge Browser supports modern web standards which puts it in one line with Chrome, for example. But Edge has even more perks – it allows user to mark and note some Web pages to divide them from the endless flow of pages, as well as share these markings with others. The last point means a lot for the society where every person communicate with someone through the Internet.

But getting used to the Edge wasn’t so easy. First of all, because of the new interface it’s gotten. The task bar icon of Edge different from one Internet Explorer had. Now it looks unusual and takes some time to keep it familiar. But anyway it worth the effort user spent on getting used to the new interface. Simplified and clean design, without useless functions and features, influences on user experience. Microsoft has really changed the approach of browser development. And it’s showing the results even though Edge still feels like a work in progress.


When Win 10 was launched, a lot of negative comments on its security appeared. Users were unsatisfied with the approach of Microsoft to user license, saying Win 10 steals their private data. Anyway, experts weren’t so radical and, probably, this is one of the reasons why Win 10 is still alive and is installed at more than 110 million devices.


Obviously, Windows is still the most popular operating system in the world. And, obviously, thousands of hackers attacks are being done every single day. And until Microsoft is able to save the data kept in Win, there’s no sense to speak about vulnerability of OS.

Besides, Microsoft has done a lot of changes within their OS to protect it from attacks. And it’s the process of ongoing improvements. But some results can be measured right now. Such as Windows Hello. This feature challenges OS security with a biometric alternative to passwords. With just a finger print, user is getting access to Windows 10 devices and Microsoft online services. The main advantage of such approach is possibility to update easily because of the unpaid service.



Win 10 has benefits not just for an average user, but for developers as well. Programmers don’t have to deal with many operating versions to develop some software for Microsoft’s products anymore. All systems are running the same framework which is consistent across all the platforms. For programmers it means less efforts to be done, first of all. Win 10 is an ecosystem which gather Microsoft’s mobile and Xbox platform. It reminds us about Apple’s products and approach, overall. But anyway – Windows devices are no longer separated.

Renewed apps

We have been waiting for this for so long! Windows has updated its core apps – calendar, photos, email, etc. It’s not only about the design – functionality has been changed too.


Also, these apps are connected with Cortana. So, the data that comes from the apps, makes Cortana even more useful and user centered.


Microsoft has made a big effort redesigning Photos and Mail apps. Their design and functionality are contemporary (let’s be honest, in Win 8 they seemed to be really outdated). Mail app remind us Microsoft’s Outlook app on iOS, which is not bad at all. the app has variety of email and calendar services. While Photos app is connected with OneDrive and makes photosharing a one-click solution. Maps app was also changed, and now it shows extremely good performance.


We hope that the most notable things are about to happen with the latest versions of win 10. But the most important step that Microsoft has made is a possibility to upgrade to Win 10 for free. No pirate versions anymore – just official soft directly from the producer. And that is just the smallest reason why you have to try out Win 10 in case you haven’t done it yet. Our humble opinion is – the latest OS from Microsoft is an illustration of extremely new approach which show good results. Win 10 lived up to expectations. Users wanted to get something different from previous versions of the OS. It was completely achieved with the latest version of Windows. And if you’re still in doubts, don’t hesitate to try out the free! upgrade of Win 10. You’ll be positively surprised.

In case you have any questions, we’re ready to answer them. Please, drop us a line at Our sales team is ready to consult you with any Windows solutions we’ve been working so far.

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