Why use .NET?

Throughout a rich and intensive experience, we have been always using .NET framework. Of course, our developers have a lot of other technologies to choose among, but we still use .NET in 90% of projects we works with. So, ‘why do you like it so much? Why are you so dedicated to the framework?’ our customers usually ask. We would like to clarify the answer and explain our choice. Thus, in this article we will describe all the pros of .NET, and how our development process at Blackthorn Vision benefits with this framework.

Quick overview

feature_NetMicrosoft has launched .NET platform to overcome many challenges developers had when writing lines of code. Long development times, inability to change applications quickly, and so on – the list seemed endless. So, Microsoft has gathered all the requirements and issues and solved them just with one solution – .NET framework. Nowadays .NET is getting even more popular because of a wide range of applications developers can create: from
accounting and inventory applications, functional web sites, apps for supply management, XML Web services, to PDA (hand-held) applications. As you see, the list is versatile and covers different domains and technologies. Below we will describe in details all the advantages .NET has for a programmer. So, keep reading, a lot of useful info is waiting for you.


scalability.NET can improve your coding process significantly with its scalability. It is one of the most important advantages the framework has. And the reason is that many companies (businesses) are growing quickly. Fast pace of growth causes a need in applications and infrastructure improvements. And .NET was designed to make lightning improvements with scalability. Thus, as your business is growing, your app can support the additional load. For your development team it means less time needed for re-coding application. Better result with less efforts!


Article_Reporting-MultisiteThis point is worth mentioning as a separate paragraph. .NET since the 1st release in 2002, has proven itself as a reliable engine in production applications. So, 14 years of applications development with .NET was quit enough for programmers all over the world (as well as all over the industries) to meet the framework as absolutely reliable. Mostly, it’s because of built-in checks and balances the framework has, which help in ensuring the system stays up and running.


security files.NET is well known among developers as one of the most secure frameworks. Actually, security was put into its architecture from the very beginning, not after the framework was launched. Now .NET enables developers and system administrators to specify method level security. Overall it means, the framework’s security is flexible for the programmer, and unreachable for the hacker. This is one of the reasons why .NET Framework is was created by Microsoft to become a principal platform for enterprise development.

Cross Platformity

mobile-headSaving money with saving efforts means a lot for any business. And this is what .NET can help you with. The framework allows programmers to develop apps which target desktop, as well as browser (mobile browser too). Now you don’t have to pay 3 or 4 times to develop an app for each platform – .NET creates cross platform applications that work both on a desktop and a web. In this case developers are able to re-use a lot of lines of code. They also will be able to use the same development environment and the same paradigm for development. Thus, it significantly improves team’s productivity increasing it in few times.

Object Oriented Architecture

.NETTworks on object-oriented programming – everything in .NET is an object. For example, imagine a web page. In .NET it is treated as an object. The same with the smallest tag within its structure. Actually, having everything as an object, developers are able to get the access to a wide range of encapsulated code and functionality in the form of server controls. Drag and drop controls onto your pages, set their appearance, location – it can be reached easily with .NET framework. It helps to reduce the amount of code needed to be written. Developers code less and stay more satisfied with the job they do.


9465333342_7dfc53074d_b_fullwidthDevelopers, who have started their career more that 10 years ago, still identify deployment process as a nightmare. The reason is that deploying multifunctional applications in the past was really difficult. The number of Dynamic Link Libraries and re-usable code in one file was huge, and had to be deployed on a specific  machine. But .NET fixed this issue.

The framework allows different versions of the same DLL to exist side-by-side on the same machine. Sounds easy and works effective – reduces the level of efforts needed to be done.


help-button1Usually business owners think that after their product is launched, they don’t need developers’ support. But it’s a delusion. Sometimes maintenance is is even more important. For example, if your business works with customers directly. Usually, applications support causes some extra spending. With .NET you’ll be able to cut the costs for software maintenance. The framework is very maintainable due to configuration settings. It can be modified easily, without re-writing code, which makes support quicker, easier and cheaper.


Talk less, work more! That’s why we would like to show you our portfolio, built with .NET applications, mostly. Also, our sales team is ready to offer you the best solution for your business. So, don’t hesitate to drop us a request for information at sales@blackthorn-vision.com.

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