Why do you need QA engineer for your business?

Being a programmer has a lot of advantages – salary, recognition, professional growth. Usually, even people who’re out of the industry know that programmers write code. But the questions appear when somebody mentions about QA engineers. Some of the people even don’t know what is the area of responsibility of these specialists. Other part of humanity doesn’t know why should a QA engineer be hired if coders can complete all the tasks related to software testing. Anyway, both points of view are erroneous – quality assurance should be an irreplaceable part of software development lifecycle. We would like to share our experience and tell a little bit more about an indispensable role of QAs in every project we work on.

Why QA engineer?

smiley-faceThe success of your business depends on quality and performance of the product. Users aren’t interested in accuracy of the code. They expect the product to be released in time. They want it to be bugless. They want it to work effective. And there’s always one thing that unify successful software – it’s reliable, which means the app won’t stop working when you need it the most. Users don’t like to be deceived. That is the reason why QA engineers make sure that products work effectively even before the release date. And actually, that is the point – users spend time downloading your app, installing it on their devices, and suddenly – oops it fails! In these few seconds your business, probably, loses half of clients – they don’t trust you anymore.

Actually, this is what QA engineers deal with. They deal with the quality of your product. And it’s vitally important to engage QAs on the very first stages of product development. The earlier they catch customer’s requirements, the more effective they’ll be able to work.

Don’t make the people who wrote the code, test it

Imagine you own a newspaper. You hire the best journalists ever. They explore the most problematic issues and write the most engaging articles. Everything seems perfect if not to count amount of mistakes journalists make. Are they bad writers? Definitely not. So, what is a problem? The answer is – you didn’t hire an experience editor! A person, who reads the text once, twice, who sees all the mistakes with his/her eagle eye. This person knows how to make text work better and how to make the text meet quality standards. The same with QA engineer. You can sign up contracts with the most experienced, well educated and inspired programmers. You can hire stellar project manager. But this is still not a perfect formula for successful project release. And the secret ingredient is QA engineer.


Here’s a hint for you – programmers, who work on complex tasks, are sensitive about the end product. They treat their code. And they’re the last persons who want changes to be conducted. Such approach makes programmers non-objective. And that is the moment, when QA engineer can help. With their knowledge of quality standards evaluation, QA engineers become code ninjas – they cut it, improve it and make it work even more effectively. What’s their magic?

QA’s profile

bannerQaQA engineer is a guardian of code effectiveness. This specialist monitor each phase of development process. At the same time they’re not managers – they don’t want to punish programmers for exceeding the time-limit. They don’t want to manage your workflow and add more tasks. QAs play on developers’ side – they ensure quality of the code, as well as make sure that the software adheres to standards customized by the customer. It worth mentioning that QA is not just a tester. Usually people confuse QA engineers and software testers. The last term is narrower concept – this is a specialist responsible for testing just parts of the whole product. They conduct these testings at different stages of development. QA works with the product on each stage overseeing the entire development process. They not just test the software, but also track its quality and correlate it with expected result. At least, QA engineers track the delivery of the product – they’re responsible for successful release.

It worth mentioning that QA engineer is a multitasking specialists. Somehow, they have to be educated in different areas – from design to coding. The reason is that their area of responsibilities covers software design, writing and reviewing source code, configuration management, integration of software, etc. So, when hiring QA, make sure he/she is the best specialist you can find.

QA’s skillset

Of course, there is no perfect QA in the world. Different specialists have different experiences which makes them even more qualified. But we’ve extracted the most important skills each QA should have (the list is built regarding to our experience).

Effective communicator

QA cannot work effectively without being involved in communication. We mean communication within a team as well as communication with customer. It causes a need to communicate clearly both with technical and non-technical people. Thus, a good QA should know how to offer a bug to the developer and make him improve it even when he doesn’t want to admit a mistake.

Open and creative minded

Finding bugs in tons of code is not the simplest task ever. It requires a lot of creativity to be involved. QA specialist have to invent new ways of bug tracking every time you get your task. To see beyond the obvious – it’s definitely about QA engineers.

Technical expert

Although QAs don’t write any code, they have to be heeled with strong technical knowledge. And there two reasons for this. Firstly, this knowledge is needed to write a code for automated tests. Secondly, QAs must have better ideas on what is “dangerous” to code. And, next, and the most important – they have to able to go though developers’ code. Can you do this without special knowledge? Definitely no!

At Blackthorn Vision we have experienced and educated QA engineers in our teams. These specialists take responsibility for the success and deliverability of your product. In case, you’re interested in our QA support, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at sales@blackthorn-vision.com

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