What it takes – to build your first mobile application

1432712191Mobile applications have conquered the world. We see them everywhere – they support our business, help to manage our our schedule, remind us to feed the cat and so on. But at the same time the process of mobile applications development is not so easy as applications are in use. Actually, it requires a lot of time and efforts needed to be spend before the world sees an app. Sometimes it takes months before the final version of application goes to production. And even after that it requires support and improvement. So, mobile application development is an ongoing process that starts with idea and goes through many steps. In this article I’d like to clarify what steps are truly vital in case if you want to develop the best in class mobile application. All the advice are taken from our reach experience in this area.


Get a creative and innovative idea

IdeaPut a question – why do you want to build a mobile app? The answer will show you the way you have to follow. Getting an idea is an irreplaceable step you have to take towards your dream. Usually, people are getting ideas from their own experience. Imagine – you oversleep every morning just because you cannot find an appropriate alarm application. You’re not satisfied with the interface, or the sounds, or with UX. Being a user, you already know all the requirements and expectations. Create an exhaustive list of things you’d like to improve or create, think on how you can resolve these issues and then shortlist the ones that make most sense to you or to your user. Because every product and service you use, they were all created to solve problems: you drive a car to save your time, you use the Internet to communicate with people who are not around you right now, etc. The idea should be somehow innovative, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel necessarily. Sometimes things we use every day just have to be improved and your brilliant idea could cover some issues. Be a creative entrepreneur – see unusual possibilities in trivial things!


Conduct a research

HeadIt’s all about validation of idea’s vitality. And that is the reason why research is one of the most important stages on the way of creating your perfect app. Usually, entrepreneurs miss this step being sure in its unimportance. And it’s a big advantage for your business – after the research will be conducted, you’ll get a better vision of what steps are needed to be done. With up-to-date materials and authoritative statistics you’ll be able to update your app concept with important improvements. And being aware in the place your app has in the market, you’ll be able to fill in the special niche with your application.

You can validate your idea by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. It’ll show you the number of people seeking out what you’re trying to do. One more useful tip is to create a landing page which highlights your app idea. It will give you a possibility to spread it through an email newsletter and see who’s your audience through web analytic.


Organize documentation

Organized-PaperworkValidation of your app idea means that you’ve got something that people want to use. Now is the time to detail your product onto a document, or if you want to go the extra mile, use a wireframing tool. When putting your idea down on paper, remember to be as detailed as possible. Include the flow of how the user will navigate the app as well as all the features envisioned. This will help your developer to clearly understand your expectations.

Getting this step done is not such an easy task as it seems. But it’s a very important stage on a way of development the best in class mobile application. Start with writing down everything you actually wanted to do. Let it be just an unordered list, or just a mix of ideas. Than make an effort and regularize the list – create a specification document. Somehow, it should be based on the requirements and issues we were talking about earlier. With this specification list you’ll be able to manage the process of app development. With this document you can move further – to UX development. Being documented in detailed mockups, well discovered user experience can help you save time as well as money. Also, wireframes can help to avoid any misunderstanding between you and development team on a stage of coding itself. So, good UX stands for satisfied user and better result.



A visualised concept of the app is one more important step you should make. Don’t underestimate visualization – it’s a halfway to success. Interface gives you a lot of possibilities – you can test user’s satisfaction, find the investors (they’re are definitely more interested in UI than in tons of code) and help your team to start the development of the app. Blackthorn vision has great experience and technical expertise in creating documents and UX artefacts. So our specialists are ready to share their knowledge and apply the best practices to make your application user friendly and effective.



shutterstock_245893798After everything is discussed, agreed and written down, the process of development begins… Start with hiring a developer or a whole team. Here’s one advice for you – seek a development company with solid development experience. Check all the artifacts company has created. And don’t look for compromises! Also, it worth mentioning that usually companies offer you prototypes, but not an existing application. Better ask for the real one – beautiful pictures won’t work for your business, when real application will. Our development team has proven experience in mobile applications development. And we can confirm it with our portfolio. Having expertise in different domains, we can help your business with smart and effective application. Also, our experts can consult you on every step of app development – from sketching to coding.


… and don’t forget about marketing

internet-marketing-2Actually, you should think about this step on a very beginning. But it’s easier to measure influence of modern marketing methods after application is already in production. So, the main goal of marketing is improvement of user engagement and retention for your mobile app. Promote the app, make sure your target audience knows about it, increase awareness and so on. Use tools such as Flurry, Localytics, Google’s AdMob and many other. And, of course, don’t forget about SMM. It’s still alive despite the rumors. Use every channel you can promote your app with. Gather your users’ feedback on your application and make improvements ASAP. Сhanges are constant, so keep an eye on user feedback. And keep building. The more flexible you are, the more successful your app will be. And remember – the most difficult step is always the first one!



Mobile application development is quite popular solution for different businesses in different domains. But at the same time it’s a challenging process. Getting started by yourself (without solid experience in this field) might be dangerous for your business. Our experts can help you to break new ground! Don’t hesitate to drop our sales team a line. We’ll provide you with detailed information of further steps needed to be done on a way of development the best in class mobile application.

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