Quality Control.

Quality Control

Software testing and quality assurance are among our key competencies.


Modern technologies are changing rapidly. And the most important thing in this flow is to save the quality of software. Actually, it become the market differentiator for all products and services. Quality overall can be achieved with different methods of software and process testing. They are called quality control and quality assurance. The first is a product-oriented process, while the second is a process-oriented practice. These practices help you to understand that the end product meets the quality requirements and standards.

Blackthorn Vision QA services provides your business with a wide range of comprehensive testing methods and tools. We are ready to share our experience and bring excellence to every project in which our professionals are engaged. We provide our clients with quality assurance & control services for desktop, web, API and mobile projects.

Our Solutions

Our experts know many methods to achieve and maintain required level of quality. We always apply those which are the most relevant to your project and industry. Our services include: QA Requirements Analysis, QA Process Evaluation, QA Process Design, Test Plan & Case Development, Performance / Load Testing, Manual & Automated Testing, Integration Testing, Acceptance Testing, Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Regression Testing, Stress Testing.

We can help you with:

  • Assure the quality of every software development stage;
  • Defining a QA/QC program that meets the full scope of your requirements;
  • Design, specifications, drawings and specified standards review;
  • Process audits – before and during coding process.

You will get:

  • Significantly improved functionality of the project;
  • Reduce costly defects count;
  • Successful, user friendly and safe product;
  • More satisfied user;
  • Cost effective, stable and ready-to-market product.

If you’re interested in comprehensive testing methods and tools, please, let us know: sales@blackthorn-vision.com

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