Our Approach.

Our Approach

Welcome to Blackthorn Vision, a software development company that provides high-end application development and design as well as product engineering based on technical expertise of over 60+ software developers in our staff.

How We Work

We are constantly building and improving our business processes. One of our main goals – to deliver technological solutions for our customers in time and on budget. To achieve this we have adapted a number of well-known and proven project management methods.

We complement your own in-house IT team and protect your intellectual property without the burden of setting up a remote office helping you to reach your deliverable software and web development goals.

Depending on customer needs, we also offer different kinds of pricing model. This allows for possibility of selecting the most desirable relationship with our clients based on financial, management, marketing, time-scope and other key business factors. Each of these core project models has its own purpose, benefits and limitations.

As reliable partner, Blackthorn Vision provides clear guarantees, customer care, project support and legal liabilities, including protection of intellectual property rights and NDA.

Pricing Models

By offering various pricing models we enable you to select the most suitable one, based on the level of your engagement into the project. It also lets us consider your financial, organizational, marketing, and other preferences.

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Choosing the right methodology significantly eliminates the risks of prolonged development, increased costs and fault features prioritizing. The methodology we take up lets us deliver the project efficiently and on time.

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We constantly strive to provide excellent customer service. Working with our team, you will always deal with people you can trust – people who are knowledgeable and technically able and at the same time friendly and polite to customers.

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