Myths and truths about outsourcing

Nowadays outsourcing is something new for most businesses. CEOs are not ready to delegate their development and marketing tasks to someone who’s 1000 km away just because they connect outsourcing with something they actually cannot control. So that outsourcing is surrounded by prejudices that were provoked by the bad experience some companies have had. But at the same time history knows hundreds of businesses that raised from the dawn with outsourcing partners’ help. So, is outsourcing really that risky? And are these prejudices truth or just a false fears? We decided to dig deeper and discover whether all these questions have positive answer or not.

What is outsourcing

Outsourcing is a way of allocation of specific business processes to an external service provider.


It means you can outsource your coding process as well as design or marketing. The most attractive thing about outsourcing Is that you can outsource an entire function as well as some special parts of it.

Usually, different businesses use outsourcing services because it allows them to focus on their core needs and don’t spend too much time for finding an appropriate developer or even a whole team. For any type of business (small or big one) it usually means reducing operational costs because organization doesn’t intend to hire in-house professionals. Such approach provides a company with a balance of employees support and money spending. Once the task is outsourced, an outsourcing company is taking the responsibility of carrying out your tasks and business’ needs.

Myth 1 – it’s too expensive for my business

Supporting your business with qualified specialists is definitely not the cheapest thing to do. You have to pay them salaries as well as invest on their education and buying expensive software. You must equip your business with comfortable office space and tools. Also, your HR department has to take care of employees’ satisfaction. Overall, it’s a difficult process of evaluating, measuring, paying and usually disappointment. And that it the moment when outsourcing services are coming out of the shadows.

When you outsource services like software development, UX and UI design, etc. to an experienced provider, you’re getting access to quality services and cost reducing. From the moment you’ve signed the contract, hiring experts in any area and domain you need is not your headache anymore – your outsourcing partner now dealing with these challenges. Еhis can add up thousands of dollars per year. And at the same time outsourcing gives you an opportunity to focus your human resources exactly on a place where you need it the most.

Myth 2: Outsourced specialists are not skilled enough

Each owner of successful business knows that business is just 30% of contracts and 70% of talents which work for you. Experts in any area allow you to focus on your core mission while you’re looking for new opportunities to expand it. That’s why usually CEOs pay a lot of attention to HR processes within their teams. They always want to know who’s hired and how good is he/she in concrete competencies.


One of the primary reasons why some businesses want to outsource special tasks is when it requires skilled expertise. Sometimes is far not easy to find a skilled specialist who could cover your requirements with his/her experience. And this is a time when you can exhale with relief and outsource some staff. Their skillset may become a core competency of your business.

Meanwhile outsourcing companies are really interested to offer you the most experienced and skilled specialists. Because their business is absolutely build with human resources: no experienced employees – no business. Such companies spend thousands of dollars every year to teach their employees the latest technologies and approaches, to help them to discover new horizons, overall. And you really can trust their knowledge which they transmit through a wide range of outsourcing services.

Myth 3. I won’t be able to manage the process when outsourcing

Every business investment carries a certain amount of risk. Business owners usually know how to deal with different government regulations, financial conditions, and technologies.


But the most perceptible risk is people management. Usually people’s decisions are unpredictable, and when your business exists because of someone’s decision to stay or to quit, it’s really risky.

Outsourcing providers, with deep industry knowledge, manage this type of risks for you. It worth mentioning that there are lots of special tools aimed at managing the process effectively and clearly. They help you and outsourcing project manager in managing teams without any misconceptions or misunderstandings. Anyway, if you are still afraid of being lost in a process of outsourcing management, you can state these point in your contract to ensure company’s safety.

Myth 4. I will definitely have issues with language

Actually, language and cultural differences it something you shouldn’t think about at all. Outsourcing companies make huge efforts to find specialists who are good not only in technologies, but with great English skills. You can be sure you’re hiring a highly intelligent person with good communication skills. And in case (they’re more like exceptions) if you won’t be able to find a common ground with some of team members, you’ll definitely be able to discuss all the issues with experienced and customer-oriented project manager. Because tolerance and professionalism are crucial when working with people.


Outsourcing can be a catalyst for your business in taking it to another, higher level. Advantages are obvious – cost flexibility, opportunity to focus on your business needs, time savings, high level of objectivity and more other. You’ll be able to reduce your burden as well as manage financial flexibility. As a result, you’ll be able to scale up or down company’s budget comfortably.


One more important advantage you get after starting cooperation with outsourcing company is access to new tech. Your IT outsourced provider definitely stays on top of the latest tech coming outs. And its employees are always want to keep up with the times learning new frameworks, templates, etc. For your business it means a lot – first of all, you’ll be able to spend that time and resources focusing on your business’ core objectives. So, as you can see, outsourcing business is surrounded by prejudices. But you definitely shouldn’t concentrate on them just because 1. you’re able to choose the best IT outsourcing partner that covers your requirements with its experience and knowledge; 2. all the issues should be described in your contract before workflow has started.

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