Web Management.

Web Management

Back office and custom reporting in cloud.


Restaurant owners and managers need access to real-time business data no matter where they are. unTill® Web Management brings all of your data from all of your locations directly to your browser for online access. Web Management allows you to do everything as if you were sitting in your back office, from updating prices and menu items to generating custom reports and exporting data; and you can do it for all locations or only those locations you choose. Schedule automatic price changes or menu updates to take place at different locations at different times to suit each operating schedule. unTill® Web Management also utilizes cloud technology to back up your local databases off-site for an added level of redundancy and security.


  • Complexity: To simplify installation as much as possible special cloud based solution is created where dealer can create fully configured WM machine with all tools installed just in few clicks and within few minutes of delay. WM supports all windows versions starting from Windows XP and ending by the latest Windows 10. It supports installation on hosts machines in end-users network or it can be hosted in Azure / Amazon Cloud.
  • Globalization: WM supports few different languages and each language is stored on server host machine in xml file. Each file has easy structure and be edited or copied manually if needed. As well, every file has its own version and can be stored in isolated storage to reduce network use.
  • Big Data: To improve WM performance many techniques are used. Starting from DBs structure optimization and adding indexes into DBs tables and ending with UI layout simplification and reducing amount of items displayed on UI simultaneously. Radar-soft controls were bought with source code. To improve OLAP reporting cube construction engine huge amount of third-party code were investigated and changed. As result, code was tuned to work with our specific DBs structure, and many bottleneck places were improved using memory and performance profiling. Moreover entire cube construction process was parallelized to use all available CPU cores.
  • UI Expectations: XAML based UI has many benefits. One of them is that we may create many styles and then in case of need we may dramatically change application look in few small changes. Another one is that it was very easy for us to create UI which resizes and respects screen resolution. For cases when totally different screen resolution is used or when it is physically not possible to use Silverlight application special Mobile applications are created. There are available iOS iPad, iOS iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows RT (Store) versions of WM.
  • Mobile: As result, special JSON based web service was created to provide already formed and calculated totals to mobile applications. Now we provide clean and simple API which can be easily used by any mobile platform with the minimum need of data modification what ensures that same look and feel on every platform.


  • .NET Core / C#
  • TypeScript / JavaScript
  • Angular
  • Web API
  • LINQ
  • SQL
  • Azure
  • TDD
  • Jenkins
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework
  • Ajax
  • SignalR
  • iOS, Android
  • Telerik
  • Kendo
  • SQL Server
  • Scrum

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Blackthorn Vision is an excellent company. Quality of work is superb! I would recommend them to anybody who is looking for great programmers!
Franklin de Pree, Owner at unTill
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