Restaurant Back Office.

Restaurant Back Office

Restaurant industry suite of back office software applications


Our customer provides information technology solutions to the restaurant industry including the highly acclaimed restaurant back office solution which is designed and built to allow restaurant managers to run the restaurant yet have the information to make the right decisions.

It focus primarily on helping companies to operate more efficiently by reducing costs, reducing manager administration effort, and improving guest service. Back Office helps to manage customers, employees and vendors of restaurant industry.

Main benefits of these products are in:

  • Abundant options for how your restaurant does business;
  • Automate purchase order sending and receiving;
  • People management;
  • Communication enhancement – people know what’s happening and when;
  • Vendors communication;
  • Plan deliveries and schedule employees;
  • Track mileage and other expenses;
  • Train employees to be more productive;
  • Customization options for current restaurant business;
  • Restaurant reviewing;
  • Custom dashboards;
  • 40+ dashboard widgets;
  • Reports.


During development we have used a full stack of popular client and server frameworks.
For data management and visualization users receive a lot of custom UI controls. Developed architecture allows to deliver new features or hotfix for production in a very easy way and short time period.

Server side details:

  • Forms authentication (in future OAuth2);
  • SQL Server session state;
  • API version validation;
  • Client/Server side validation;
  • Lite ORM to call stored procedures;
  • Strong typing between Server API and Client Ajax requests;
  • Automated UI behavior testing;
  • Browser registration as trusted browser;
  • SQL Server reports.

Client side details:

  • SPA architecture;
  • Data print, data export;
  • DurandalJS bring navigation, modal windows, events;
  • AMD modules (RequireJS);
  • 44 screens(modules);
  • Custom Knockout components and bindings;
  • Created custom scheduler with employee day/week analyzing and calculation;
  • Rendering reports and ability to drill thru link to another report;
  • Some screens (modules) have offline capability;
  • Themes support.


  • C#
  • 4
  • MVC 5
  • Web Api 2
  • LINQ
  • SQL
  • T-SQL
  • TypeLITE
  • Elmah
  • Automapper
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Unit Tests
  • Razor
  • SQL services
  • NPM
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • DurandalJS
  • KnockoutJS
  • RequireJS
  • D3js
  • tooltipster
  • UnderscoreJS
  • Moment.js
  • numeric.js
  • GruntJS
  • Gulp
  • Entity framework
  • Ninject
  • Telerik Kendo UI
  • jQuery Mobile
  • jQuery UI
  • jQuery Touch
  • Silverlight
  • WCF services
  • WCF RIA services
  • Telerik Radcontrols
  • LINQ-to-SQL
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