Genetic Planning Tool.

Genetic Planning Tool

Sales & presentation tablet application.


World renown for delivering high quality bovine genetics, our customer, Semex Alliance, has been solving problems and satisfying producers through its distributor network for over 35 years. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with their clients, Semex staff is the best trained in the industry, offering profitable genetic solutions for producers worldwide.

Genetic planning tool is used to make it easy for producers to identify needs and help make decisions based on their own unique economics realities. The software is delivered on a tablet with lots of easy to read graphs and delivers a genetic plan with clear return on investment numbers that help producers understand where the real value comes from in the myriad of genetic traits.

The tool is best utilized by having a sit-down – go through your own numbers – scenario where an appointment and a commitment to crunch the numbers together leads to a real plan that makes sense. This is how this software is best utilized. You can look at a variety of options after your key dairy metrics have been captured and see how different selection approaches can impact genetic progress but also the financial return to your operation. The program is all about finding the best genetic solutions for your herd in real time, your numbers, your goals, your plan. It’s a first of its kind process that will change the way you do business.


Blackthorn Vision engineers work together with Semex Alliance team on the product which satisfies all user`s needs. We create user-friendly, easy layout that turns the complex world of genetics into something quite understandable. We spend a lot of time doing it easy and comfortable to work with touch on tablets. For data management and data visualization we give users a lot of custom UI controls. We also use DevExpress and Syncfusion controls for reporting and best UI experience. Data is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible through WCF Services. We enabled users to work offline by implementing custom data synchronization between cloud and local database on the tablet. To ensure application stability and quality we apply different testing techniques that includes manual and automated testing.


  • C#
  • WPF
  • Prism
  • Azure
  • DevExpress
  • Syncfusion
  • WCF
  • SQL Server
  • REST
  • TDD


Blackthorn Vision did some impressive work on our project. We are very happy about the quality of the work performed and would recommend them to anyone. Would hire again and again.
Iannick Breault, Senior .NET Architect at Semex Alliance
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