Charting Library.

Charting Library

WPF сharts, iOS and Android сharts.


Blackthorn Vision has been working for several years alongside a UK based software development company to develop a complex charting library plus applications to demonstrate, deploy and support this product. Library contains about 25 WPF chart types and 8 WPF 3D charts with record performance, unlimited multiple X/Y axis, interactive zooming and panning and rich annotations API.

The team of 7 developers + QA is working using a Kanban/Lean methodology and uses Teamcity, NuGet, Github, Skype for voice communications and participates in daily standups with the tech leads in London, UK. Their work has been invaluable in allowing this UK based business to grow and seamlessly expand into new business areas.

We can envisage this project growing and growing and the customer is always happy with our quality of work, friendliness and professionalism.


A flexible team of 7 developers and QA has worked alongside UK based management and tech leads to develop the overall solution. Alongside their own staff, we have provided:

  • Building of new features involving complex and high performance graphics routines and development of WPF / XAML API;
  • Bug fixing & investigation;
  • Building of support systems such as complex, rich WPF UI for the demonstration application;
  • Direct contact with customers to provide technical support;
  • Teamwork and general productivity in this high-velocity team;
  • We also work on iOS and Android charts to be released soon!


  • C#
  • Java
  • Objective C
  • C++
  • HTML 5
  • JavaScript
  • WPF
  • DirectX
  • OpenGL
  • Android
  • iOS
  • TDD


Blackthorn Vision have been able to provide software developers, testers and support staff on an hourly-paid basis. I have been pleasantly surprised not only by the level of technical skill but by the willingness of their staff to become a part of my business, to communicate directly with customers, to learn new things and trustworthiness with important mission critical issues.
Dr. Andrew Burnett-Thompson, Director at SciChart Ltd
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