Befit and Caltrain.

Befit and Caltrain

The virtual fitness trainer and app for timely schedule about the train service.


The virtual fitness trainer assesses user needs and fitness level, that way every workout is challenging but doesn’t crush him. The app offers workouts crafted by master trainers and shows the correct techniques of exercises and tracking user’s progress in time.
This app provides easy access to publicly-available information – accurate and timely schedule about the train service. Must-have app for the Caltrain commuter! Caltrain timetable allows you to quickly find the next train to your destination or plan ahead for tomorrow.


BeFit provides:

  • Auto-generated training program, based on user’s fitness level;
  • Ability to track user’s training progress for every supported exercises with logs and exercise charts;
  • Ability to track best achievements with logs and exercise charts;
  • Ability to track a custom set of exercises, based on your training needs and goals;
  • An ever-expanding list of exercises to chose from;
  • Exercise voice prompts (for supported languages).

Caltrain provides:

  • Train schedules between any two Caltrain stations;
  • Train schedules for any station at any time of the day;
  • Train schedules for any date;
  • Train fares;
  • Trains within the next hour;
  • Live train schedule updates and news;
  • Live tile with the latest news delivered to your home screen.


  • C#
  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • HTML5
  • Windows Phone
  • Azure
  • SQLite
  • JavaScript


Thank you for the excellent work!
Ivo Manolov, Director at Interprone
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